February 13, 2012

Pittsburgh Saks Liquidation Update

So by now you know that we're losing our Saks Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. An external liquidation firm is handling the process of turning over stock. And additional materials were consolidated from other stores, prior to being shipped to outlet locations. Currently, contemporary stock is 40% off. And there is an additional 10% off the 60-65% off merchandise. There are brands not typically carried in Pittsburgh, including some See by Chloe dresses, some premier designer items from Pucci, Proenza Schouler, and more.

The handbags were pretty picked over as well as shoes (I saw one pair of these leopard Revas, some sky high Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, and other random odds and ends). Some small Tory Burch bags, a random MBMJ Hillier, and plenty of iPad cases remained. But plenty of boots, rainboots, and booties were left. There were a few Michael Kors watches and some neat jewelry pieces. For me, the most exciting stuff was in women's contemporary. I'll be back later this week with some clothing reviews from the sale.

They brought in additional sales associates through the liquidation firm, so the level of service ranges depending on how seasoned an employee you encounter. But because plenty of people are shopping the sales who may have rarely patronized regular Saks, it might not be noticeable. I did hear some of the more recent saks employees lamenting that they were tired of hearing "how sad" the closing sales felt for shoppers. I am sure this is the default guilt-induced interaction that many frequent and less-than-frequent patrons exhibit. There is something about the process that feels very much like pillaging or scavenging that yields (for me at least) that guilty shopper feeling. I personally only made such small talk earlier in the sale and limited to conversations with the sales associates who I've seen there for years. They were the ones who were eager to share their future plans and to whom I wanted to express my gratitude for services in the past.

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Natasha @ Moody Girl said...

Lucky girl...I can't wait to hear about what you got.  


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