April 16, 2012

Newest Anthro wishlist additions

With my recent disinterest in all things Anthro, it was no surprise that I wasn't among the birthday discount lottery winners. But before I knew I wouldn't be getting a discount, I stopped by my local store to scope new arrivals and plan. I didn't find much but I did become smitten with two vibrantly printed pieces.

anthropologie dress
anthropologie dress

The Flared Caraz dress is by Weston Wear. Its busy print and feminine shape are right up my alley, though I found the colors to look less saturated in person than the website's product shot. I tried on a large and thought the length and fit were good. It is also available in petite but I didn't personally think it was so long that I'd need petite. It came to my knee and seemed appropriately modest in length. The fabric was stretchy, somewhat sheer, and fully lined. I worry that it might show snags over time with wear. The fabric isn't the fanciest (nylon with poly lining) and the patterns don't align (pet peeve!) but with a decent sale I might make this mine.

The other thing I loved was the photo realist print of the Sideways Seascape tee. This is by Deletta and I grabbed a large. The large was a good loose fit. I could have probably taken a medium but I liked the ease of a relaxed silhouette with a tee like this. It was a stretchy, silky modal fabric that could be dressed up or down. The print made me think of an exotic beach getaway. And it seems like a cool summery piece that I hope will make it to sale. I can't personally justify $88 on a t-shirt. But I like this enough to cross my fingers and be patient.

What pieces are striking your fancy at Anthropologie? I haven't seen it in person but I am really taken by the mixed lace non-stripe iteration of the Bailey 44 column dress (called Ines Column).


Terrie said...

I can't believe how obvious the mismatched pattern is in that dress! The colors are gorgeous but I don't think I could get over the those mismatched stripes! I like all the photorealistic stuff--I think it's cool. And the Ines Column--wow!

carol_prettythings said...

I have to agree with Terrie on the mismatched stripes of the Weston Wear dress - it's hard to overlook, though, the dress looks great from the front. That Ines Column dress is beautiful. I wish it came in another color.

JanAlyssa said...

That first Weston Wear dress caught my eye immediately - definitely on my wish list, but not at full price, as I have SO many dresses. I really like it on you. Did you try on a Medium, too? I'm also lusting after the Karen Walker dresses, but I'm guessing those won't make it to sale. Loving the Luella dress, too!

Jen @PhD Style said...

The Flared Caraz dress looks dynamite on you! I hear you on the mismatched print (maybe this is on purpose????!!!!) and the fabric blend. But I just had to tell you how great it looks based on the pictures you took. Though the price point is a little (or a lot) misguided.

thatdamngreendress said...

smitten! yay! I have to say, I am totally falling for the caraz dress- I was afraid it was insanely short based on the model photo, but it seems very reasonable in real life. And it looks amazing on you! I love those colours, and it does seem like maybe the crazy not-matching of the print might be slightly deliberate... I have not been as impressed by the quality of a couple of weston wear pieces I've tried in the past, so I'm still a little hesitant on this one (finally learning to note the consistent quality of certain labels, like I've always been happy with Deletta pieces...)

I love photo-realistic prints on clothing- this tee is such a nice almost abstract version (and actually, looking at the image online I could totally go for one with the black and white print from the back view!

Things are looking up a bit at anthro- there are a couple of things I have my eye on (hello Rolo crossback, hello Scalloped stripes!), but it's not like my mania of yesteryear!

Bpauloski said...

Hi Jess, I have both these on my wish list as well, awaiting a sale. I agree with all your comments. I do hope they both make it to sale prices because I agree, especially on the great tee, that the prices are a bit high for the fabric/quality.

Thanks for the reviews! Barb


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