September 08, 2013

Lunchtime Carousel OOTD

Last week on one of my work-from-home days Chris suggested I bring the baby and meet him for lunch in Oakland. I hadn't yet tried the new Cuban food at Conflict Kitchen and the weather was beautiful so it seemed like the perfect plan. We met in Schenley Plaza and ate outside. While there, he took Emilia on the carousel. I skipped the ride to take photos and video for our families.

Since Emilia's birth I've been documenting a photo and a video (almost) each (and every) day and sending them via email to our parents and siblings. I call it "The Daily Baby" and liken it to a visual newsletter to keep our nearest and dearest abreast of her happenings, both mundane and milestone. Some of our extended relatives also receive forwarded copies of especially exciting or adorable installments (if our parents decide to send them along or if our extended family request updates). The Daily Baby has proved to be an amazing way to give Emilia's larger family a stronger sense of attachment to her and by extension to us.

It is easiest just to upload video to my private youtube and send everything from my phone so I wind up favoring a camera that is not my best. But I still think it will be nice to have all of the footage and photos for myself one day. I know too well already why so many seasoned parents have warned me that time moves too fast. I can't believe she is already nine months old! And yet when I think about my semester's start this time last year, it's also hard to fathom. It feels so long ago, almost from another lifetime.

Anyway, I decided to wear something colorful and comfortable. It wasn't breastfeeding friendly but our visit was only for lunch, Emilia is eating some solids (so I can gave her some of my lunch to try plus she goes longer in between nursing these days), and I also knew that in a pinch we could hide out to nurse in Chris's private office (with a door that locks).

Orla Kiely + Uniqlo dress
Spanx tights
MBMJ mouse flats
Marc Jacobs Mercer bag

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