March 27, 2014

Research Colloquium OOTD

The other week I was invited to present my research to the campus as part of an honors fraternity's  colloquium lecture series. I was nervous because I am human but I reminded myself what I tell my students who suffer from presentation anxiety: no one knows your work better than you do. The odds of there being an expert in the same exact subject area in attendance is slim and so it is good to acknowledge and find confidence in that.

Still, I simultaneously hoped and feared that no one would come. A combination of weather and a conflicting faculty committee meeting meant that there were more students than faculty in the audience but that was ok. I was happy to have a smaller group because it enabled me to change the dynamic from lecture to a lecture-discussion hybrid. I felt relieved and proud after it was finished and I hope I will have similar opportunities for research exchange with my colleagues in the future. It can be much easier and more default for us to talk about teaching instead, since regardless of field, it is a common experience. While I enjoy discussions about teaching, I also like learning and sharing about those other aspects of faculty work life.

This dress was something I bought during my early breastfeeding days, thinking it would be breastfeeding friendly. It sort of is if you are only using one side. But that wasn't the only reason I gravitated toward it. I appreciate that although it's one color, it has varying fabrics that bring textural interest. The style is different from the bulk of my closet. And it's really comfortable as well as versatile. I've worn it to dinner at Nolita during a quick weekend trip to Cleveland and to Chris's birthday dinner at Kaya.  I wore it to a party and to the museum in addition to teaching my classes and giving my colloquium.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and shoes
Spanx tights
David Yurman necklace layered with a necklace gift from Chris a few years back


Sharon said...

glad it went well! love this dress--I too am having "doh" moments with nursing fashion :)

Gnome Lover said...

That dress is so pretty. I love your advice to your students. And I am glad your lecture went well. The thought of speaking in front of people gives me sweaty palms. I would have been so nervous!

Those shoes are awesome! Must go check them out!



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