June 06, 2014

Outdated OOTD

As you can probably surmise from the tights and cardigan, I wore this outfit to campus a while ago. Embarrassingly, I have a huge backlog of outfit pics that I took over the course of the term, some of which were indoors due to the bitter cold, some of which are just repeats of outfits I've worn many times over, and some of which are my usual suspects mixed in slightly different ways. I'm not sure if any of the above are "blogworthy" by today's high-gloss, high-production value metric. But I am sharing nonetheless.

I wore it for teaching and meetings with students. The dress which I've worn at least once a term over the years, yielded a few compliments because it is brightly colored with an interesting landscape print. It's one of my favorites and I still see it crop up on ebay now and then, in dress and top form. I'm hoping to one day score the top in the other colorway.

See by Chloé dress and belt/sash (similar landscape print dresses here, here, and here)
Cece cardigan (similar here)
Spanx tights
Chie Mihara flats

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