September 04, 2014

What to Wear to an Amusement Park

This summer Chris and I made use of season passes to Kennywood. Kennywood is a beautiful, historic park located along the Monongahela River just south of Pittsburgh. It provided the dreamy  backdrop of Adventureland and if you grew up in SWPA you probably feel at least some nostalgia for the park and its many classic rides.

Chris and I are both lovers of Kennywood. As a child my hometown's community day at Kennywood was also my most highly-anticipated summer event. For all of these reasons we were so excited  to take Emilia to Kennywood. In 2013 she was too tiny but in 2014 she was able to ride plenty of things.

We managed to buy our season passes for a song on Black Friday the year prior. Because she is under 2, we could bring Emilia with us for free so we went often, usually at the end of business on random summer week days. This way Emilia could have her normal mid-day nap, during which I wrote and worked from home. We'd pick Chris up from campus where he was working and be on our way for a few hours of fun and stimulation before bedtime. But planning an outfit for an amusement park has always stumped me. I don't want to be too hot or impractical but I also want to feel like myself.


My gut on one of our first trips was to reach for a casual dress and flats but dresses make it a bit difficult to get on and off of rides with modesty. So by the end of the summer I was wearing khakis, a tshirt, and sneakers. I was comfier for it. 

Sometimes we would meet family there which made for even more fun AND bonus child care flexibility that enabled me and Chris to ride a few roller-coasters!

We developed our own Kennywood routine this summer. We'd head to the back of the park, ride the train, get some Potato Patch Fries, go to Kiddieland, ride the swings, airplanes, and rockets, get in line for the cars and hope they don't break down before our turn, split an ice cream cone, ride the carousel, and say goodnight. I already miss it! 

I'm fully prepared to purchase season passes next year, Black Friday deal or not!

Outfit Details:
Anthropologie "Readymade" dress (old)
Gap factory cardigan (old)
ChloƩ flats (old)
Gap tee (old)
Old Navy pants (old)
Catherine Popesco jewelry* c/o Perfect Details

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*From reading my previous posts on Perfect Details, it probably seems like their selection is best suited for formal occasions like weddings and glamorous evening events. But that's only part of the story. I found these cute costume jewelry pieces by Catherine Popesco on the Perfect Details website a while back and they've become my workhorses. I dress them up and down and they're great staple pieces.

Left to right: bracelet, necklace, necklace

I especially love the art nouveau touches on the vintage-inspired bracelet. I also noticed that the Perfect Details website mentions that rental options are "coming soon." I think this is a really great idea because often special occasions might make you want new, fresh accessories without making a huge financial investment. Thanks again, Perfect Details!


Gnome Lover said...

What great memories you made. We used to do the same thing with Disneyland. In fact, our annual passes just expired in May. But with a sophomore and a sixth grader, we can no longer skip a few hours of school. So, those passholding days are behind us (my husband works weekends). The first time we purchased passes it was $300 for our family of four (my son was free). Last year they were almost $1300. Big inflation in eight years!

I love your dress. It is perfect. I almost always wear dresses to the amusement parks, too. You are going to have so much fun in the coming years. It flies by so quickly. Enjoy every moment of it!


Sharon said...

how fun to be so close to this amusement park! E is getting so big and looking more and more like her lovely mama everyday!


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