January 22, 2015

Blogging the Terrific 2's and work life balance at Covey

Today on the Covey blog, I am talking about work and motherhood as well as some of my favorite aspects of Emilia's "terrific" twos! Check it out!! 

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Lou (whatlouwore365) said...

Finally moved you from Blogger to Bloglovin although I have been reading all the while.

Terrific twos... sigh. I miss it. Two was such a WONDERFUL age with Elodie. Three has been... challenging to say the least. Obviously coupled with having Felix almost 7 months ago that changed things for her but man, three. Three is pretty sucky.

I don't know what it's like in the States but here we get government funding from the term after their third birthday towards nursery fees. She's an early September baby so we waited a LONG time but finally from Jan 1st she was able to get her funding and now she goes to nursery three days a week but we just pay for one. It's made a HUGE difference to us all and now three isn't quite so sucky :-)


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