June 11, 2021

Spring outfit check in

A family photo from Easter 2021. I am wearing Boden from Spring 2020 and a TWG cardigan that is over 10 years old. The girls are wearing jumpsuits from Carters I think and Boden sweaters. 

I feel so out of the habit of dressing to see people who are not my inner circle. The idea of everything returning to some relative normal is of course appealing but also a little rattling. My pandemic body is softer from having stayed home so much and I am trying to be kind to myself about it. I know many were able to pick up routines for fitness but with full time work and full time remote school, the pace of my pandemic life never seemed to have the space. 

What a weird, hard year this has been and in spite of it there have been some bright spots... my family has been lucky to be insulated from the most devastating aspects of the pandemic and I am so grateful for that and for how this year has yielded so much more time with my kids and spouse than we would have otherwise had. 

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