July 04, 2008

Soon to be homeowner

So we decided to buy, put an offer on a place, after further negotiations, it was accepted. Now we
will be consumed by homeownership. And all of the financial stability and uncertainty that come with it.

Since I last posted, I've moved out of my home in Pittsburgh. I wrapped up the grading for my two summer courses. I became ABD (all-but-dissertation... aka advanced to candidacy with an accepted project proposal). I moved my things into a garage in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. I found a lender for my mortgage and signed the appropriate papers. I scheduled a closing date and began planning for how to decorate my new home with my partner. And I've moved myself to DC for a Smithsonian predoc. Things have been hectic. And stressful. Retail therapy was kept to a minimum but I did manage to buy a dress to reward/console myself for surviving all the changes. I am not unscathed... and I got into many stress-fueled arguments with loved ones over the speed of the changes (which were largely out of my control anyway). I wasn't going to keep the dress. But I really really like it. So much so that I posted about it a few weeks ago, here. It magically popped up on the website the other day.

Cute, right? Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra dress in Ochre. Shown with a gap cardigan, volatile shoes, and my mbmj softy max tote. I also want to keep one of the ones I was supposed to return.

Now that I am somewhat settled... sort of, anyway... I will be able to post regularly again!


rerwin said...

I have been looking all over for this bag! I have been goggle-ing for days... even leading an image search to your blog. any idea where I can find one? every site i go to says they are out of stock or unavailable. any help would be great!!!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Rerwin. I bought this bag as a self-bday present in April of 2008. I bought it new with tags from a seller who posts on The Purse Forum messageboard but I have occasionally seen them pop up on ebay. While I would suggest doing a "saved search" so you are emailed when something is listed, the bag sellers on ebay don't always know the correct style names so you might have to just be persistent.

Sadly I think that ebay would be the only way to track one down at this point. This style predated the turnlock line, the Dr. Q. line, etc. so even the online sample sales for Marc by Marc are past this era.

Good luck in your hunt and thank you for your comment!


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