January 13, 2009

Another one bites the dust: La Redoute US

Although I've been staying true to my post-holiday shopping ban (hence my silence around the blog), I have been window shopping and occasionally checking ebay for the usual suspects of estalked pieces. I've found nothing but in my browsing, I decided to revisit an inexpensive site that I always enjoyed but rarely shopped from: La Redoute US.

The (at least in today's post-supermodel world) iconic Parisian models they used, the collaborations with fascinating French designers (Christian Lacroix and Manoush, to name a few), and the constant slew of coupon codes kept me coming back. Because of fit issues the few times I placed orders I rarely purchased anything but I liked knowing they were out there.

Sadly, it seems they no longer are. I went to visit their website to see if there were any new designer collaborations or sale items and found this:

Maybe it is old news but I was surprised, nonetheless.

A few quick searches led me to this:


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the closing of online or brick and mortar retail establishments in the wake of a global economic crisis. Still, it makes me wish I had bit on a few more orders when I had the chance.


Jules said...

I never kept anything I ordered from La Redoute either as the fit was just bad bad bad

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was hoping it wasn't so. I kept going back to their website hoping I would find new items but only finding the same old slosh from last Summer. I didn't want to believe they were quitting! I bought so many practical and well-loved pieces there, nevermind the many ill-fitting garments I was forced to return!

Anonymous said...

You can still order from the French site ( or British), you'll have to pay customes tho. I did this before they even had the USA site. Ill fitting is due mostly to poor conversion of the sizes to US. If you know, or can find your Euro equivalent, you simple use that.

Anonymous said...

This is sad. I just realized that I wasn't getting their catalogs and when I checked the site, no US?!? However, their UK site has tons more stuff including housewares. With their low prices it may be worth the customs charges.

Anonymous said...

I have bought items from La Redoute for years. No problem with the
fit, but then, I buy mostly sweaters. I liked the colors and styles,
no one here has anything at all with the same look.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to order an item online but it failed because my postal code was not recognized. Disappointed to say the least. They do have unique items which I will miss.

Anonymous said...

i have a merchandise certificate worth over $200 from laredoute usa, what should I do now?.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

It seems from one of the commends above that you could try to order through the british or french site. You would have to pay customs though. I would try to call. Search http://www.google.fr/ for the contact information. Good luck! It is a shame because I really liked a lot of their things.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Here is the UK site:

Amy said...

You can now shop on Laredoute.com in english and in US$  !

Louis said...

a new website is now available for the USA (and other foreign countries), www.laredoute.com
it's in English and the entire collection is displayed
I was delivered in 4 days !
Good news for French Fashion lovers !


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