March 27, 2009

DIY-Inspired Maison Martin Margiela Jewelry

I was browsing the sale content on Eluxury (since their current promotion offers an additional 40% off bags and accessories) and came upon a series of Maison Martin Margiela jewelry items that appear to be DIY, recycled, or recession-inspired. I can't quite figure out which. The prices are not very recession-friendly (even on sale, with 40% off) . I wonder if on some level, Margiela's pieces are manifestations of the pressure to "go green?" What do you think? Are they being tongue in cheek about DIY fashion or about the global economic downturn?

Regardless of the motivation or the meaning behind the pieces, the recession-unfriendly pricing means that I intend to make my own version of the can tab necklace. This statement necklace looks so grand, despite the mundanity of the found objects that assemble to form it! I don't drink much soda or beer (in cans, anyway) so I will need to collect the tabs in various sizes toward this project, somehow. I made many a paper clip necklace in my youth so I will pass on that one. And I'm just not sure of how I feel about the cork necklace. I think it would be difficult to not look like you were essentially wearing "garbage."
If the bow on this bow cuff was made of metal, I would actually consider purchasing it (for the right price)! The bow might be metal, but I can't quite tell. It looks like just a regular gift wrap bow, though.

I will keep you posted on the progress of my DIY can tab necklace... though it might be a while for me to accumulate all those tabs without drinking the liquids in the containers that have them!


Ashley said...

I love that can tab necklace, I can't wait to see how your version turns out! I bet it will be awesome!


Haute World said...

Yeah, I noticed this when I went to the Margiela store a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn't tell what the jewelry was made of, because they were all stuck behind glass cases. I think I did the paperclip necklace when I was still in elementary school and bored during a math class ;-) Love the cuff though - I agree, if it where metal, it might justify a purchase.

Can't wait to see your DIY!

Anonymous said...

Oh that cuff is incredible.

I have an admitted predilection for all that is old and garbage-y, so I really like the cork neckace too!

I've always admired Margiela for so intentionally walking the line between provocative and desirable. Making expensive jewelry that looks like found objects is a bit of a slap in the face to any number of people (jewelry makers, people who aren't filty rich, the green movement), but they've executed it so well that it's beautiful. That's a hard balance to find!

May Kasahara said...

ok. the cuff is pretty awesome.
but I still love the nail bracelet * * *

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Ashley, I am excited to execute this project! I think the trick will be finding gold fasteners and multiple sized tabs so that it has the geometric interest and contrasting metal coloring of the original!

The Haute-Shopper, I WISH I could see this stuff in person! I am envious of the glamorous access your geographical travels and residence yield!

S, you should make a cork necklace! I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult. I agree with your smart analysis, re: the difficult balance struck here, even if it is somewhat cheeky to various groups.

MayK, I am not sure if I know the nail bracelet?! I am intrigued!

Thank you all for reading!! xo, Jess

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

love your blog! I just found it today and look forward to reading more!

I recently started a blog of my own and actually have a fashion-themed contest once a week -- you should check it out! ;)

Kay said...

I actually quite like the cork one, although having said that I'm not sure I'd wear it (even if I had the money). Good luck on making the can tab one! Some tins of soup have them so you could do that, or ask your friends to save theirs.
I really like the bow one, and you could probably make it

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Shannon! I am exciting to read yours! I will definitely check it out.

That's a great tip, Kay! I definitely have tabs on my soup cans. I love your blog, Stitched, btw!

Dream Sequins said...

I saw some of those pieces in an avant-garde boutique in New York. They are actually nicely done, made out of metal (not sure if it's silver)... I wouldn't pay that much for something that looks so "DIY," because personally I like my bling to look like bling. :) But I do love the cuff!

Jordana said...

I've been wanting to do the MMM tab DIY and even have the tabs...just not the motivation. Haha. I'm excited to see how yours turns out though!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Dream Sequins, you are so fortunate to get to oggle such pieces in person! I agree the price seems a little over the top and that if you're sinking money into jewelry it might as well look like it!

Jordana, I'm excited to hear I am not the only one aspiring to create a diy MMM tab necklace! I hope to make it to a craft store this weekend to scope the available fasteners.


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