March 20, 2009

Friday, I'm In Love: Some Things That Got Away

Generally, the constraints of a tight budget for frivolous consumption mean that I often intentionally avoid browsing the non-sale sections of etailers. This is to the benefit of my savings account but often to the detriment of my closet. Though I've discussed estalking before, and posted items for which I am perpetually hunting, I remain consumed by my assumption of the infinite possibilities for online shopping. As such here are some more pieces that got away:

alice+olivia Jabot dress
I had this in my Bloomingdales cart months ago but it sold out before I could check out. It popped up again on Gilt just yesterday but same thing happened.

I didn't even know this existed until a week ago. LOVE it but can't find a good price.

Anna Sui dress from Fall 2006. The perfect Peter Pan collar!

Every Friday I am going to start showcasing items that I've fallen in love with, most of which I've already missed. Only Ebay estalking or random trips to outlet stores would produce chance purchase opportunities. The Cure captures the spirit of the moody, bittersweetness of discovering something you would have loved to have, but that already got away from you. On Friday, I'm In Love.


Anonymous said...

Blair Waldorf kills me. I want everything she wears.

Ashley said...

Oh that Blair Waldorf dress is just perfect, hopefully it will pop up somewhere at a reasonable price! And when it does, let me know!!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

ME TOO, Elaina! Incidentally, Blair wore both of these Alice + Olivia pieces.

Running a google image search for "blair alice olivia jabot" produces a screencap from the show.

Ashley, I will keep you posted. I've seen it on ebay but only for around retail which is still too much for me. :)

Thanks for reading!

hippyhippychic said...

that anna sui dress is gorgeous!!!
i want it badly..
great blog
(: x

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I know, hippyhippychic! It is so so so cute. I guess my shopping karma is in order this week because I found one on ebay last weekend, negotiated with the seller who had a BIN and ended up winning it for a best offer! Not I just am hoping that it will fit me.


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