March 11, 2009

Fussy Details: Consumed by Superfluous Bows

A while ago, when I first made my style diary I was faced with a question about "Style Type." it was so vague and yet so broad that the only thing I could think to include was my love for fussy details. In a way, a superfluous bow is the quintessential fussy detail. And you will find them all over the items I covet, some of which end up in my wardrobe.

When this purple Marc by Marc Jacobs bow watch popped up in the Ruelala sale a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to use my account credit to fund it.

When I was faced with the opportunity to buy the Alessandra Pussy Bow dress in an additional colorway, the unique superfluous bow proved to be decisive in my justification.

Here are some items with bows that have consumed me even though they are many seasons old!
Erotokritos and Mayle dresses:

And in my opinion, the PERFECT bow pump for a special occasion:
Christian Louboutin Very Noued

One of my favorite qualities about bows are their timelessness. I remember one of my first adult encounters with the most superfluous, fussy, unnecessary bow, adorning a vintage tie-neck blouse. It was a dollar and it was made of the thickest, most oppressive polyester fabric I've ever encountered but I wore it to death in the dead of that summer because it had short sleeves and a bow. I got a thousand compliments on it and would probably wear it today if I didn't become so fussy about fabrics. I am sure if I could write a book length entry on my fashion love affair with the bows I've worn, but I will spare you.

All of this is to say that bows are fancy without pretense. They are whimsical without automatically being infantalistic. Although some of the bow dresses I posted are girlish, bows adorn with sophistication just as often as they adorn with twee. If you haven't already, why not give bows a chance?

I am equally enamored of ruffles, which are essentially the bow's messier cousin. In an upcoming post I will examine the ways in which ruffles have consumed me. My friend over at Style Tribe already talked about these important subjects. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I love the feminine touch a bow can add to any outfit. Even in the most professional clothing, a little bow gives me that sweet, flirty feeling and keeps me from taking myself too seriously. It's a great detail!

Eyeliah said...

I love bows too, I currently have I counted 4 on my outfit today! oh no, lol.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I agree, Jennifer Nicole! I love the senses of femininity and fun that bows can add to a look. Thank you for reading!

Eyeliah, I am DYING to see this outfit! It sounds adorable!

Vanessa said...

First off all I want to say thanks for posting this blog. I am crazy for some cool looking bow. Even I think that every body has to maintain their fashion according to his/ her personality. Same as I like some bows which can helps to maintain your personality.


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