April 22, 2009

Seasonally Inappropriate Dressing: Recent Outfits

Although spring has sprung, you wouldn't know it from the recently chilly high temperatures in the 40s and the buckets and buckets of rain. Just a few days ago it was 70 and sunny. Still I find myself reaching for clothes in colors, shapes, and fabrics more appropriate for fall than spring.

The only somewhat spring outfit I've worn recently was this ruffled white and lightly patterned dress:

I still paired it with darker colors.

Outfit details:
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and bag, Cece cardi, Volatile shoes.
2. Tibi skirt, Benetton dress shirt, MBMJ Dr. Q Huge Hillier Hobo bag and captoe shoes.
3. Shoshanna jacket, Steven by Steve Madden Director pumps (knock off of Chloe), Marc Jacobs Patchwork Stam.
4. Tibi floating feathers dress, MBMJ shoes and Fools Gold Faridah.
5. MBMJ Serena top, Hand made (not by me) bird skirt, Volatile shoes.
6. MBMJ white ruffled paisley print dress, Gray Chie Mihara t-straps, Design History cardi, Longchamp tote.


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfits! I especially love the handbags. And I'll also always be a Fall person rather than Spring.

Ashley said...

I love you in the MbMJ dress, and you look so great in all these pics!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Clanedstine Chic!! I am definitely a fall person, too. :)

Thank you Ashley! You are too kind. xo


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