October 20, 2009

One Coat, Three Ways: Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf Coat

Speaking of my tastes not really changing, I recently located a Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf coat I have coveted for years! As far as I know, it wasn't stocked broadly because in my hunt, I only located one store that ever carried it: Shopbop. Because of its seemingly limited availability, it never was marked down significantly enough for me. Here it is in gray and black on the Shopbop model:

It also came in ivory and black. The attached scarf, colorblock panel, and large bubble buttons are somewhat clownish, particularly in the ivory and black colorway, but that never deterred me before! After I watched it sell out on Shopbop a few years ago, I scoured ebay. And since then, I've only seen it once (in the wrong size). So last summer when I saw it in my proper size, I decided not to pass it up.

I generally buy one new coat per year. I know how indulgent that sounds... I am lucky to already have a closet full of coats I adore. This purchase was arguably superfluous, as this genre is well represented in my closet. But coats are practical items that I can use with more frequency than a dress or even basic cardigan. Part of why I buy a coat a year (and why in weaker years when sale goggles really overtake me, I buy two) is that a coat truly has more closet longevity than other items. Especially if you live in a climate that requires them...

I am on the academic job market this year, applying widely to jobs all over, for which I am qualified. I've never lived in a place that didn't have four distinct seasons. Even so, I will find a reason to wear my coats. In early October, I already have! Classic coats will always be useful. They don't get beat up like shoes. They aren't as vulnerable to the ebb and flow of trends. They really can pull together a dog walking outfit comprising otherwise of Chuck Taylors and jeans. And because I bought it out of season, I got a good deal! Although it is a statement garment (I doubt I'll wear it on nights when I'd rather blend into the wall), the scarf makes it more versatile. You can really wear it three ways.

Ala Shopbop:

Ala Blair Waldorf (if the show aired when this coat was in season, I imagine she would have worn it to Constance like this):

Ala Jesspgh (one tie thrown over the shoulder):
This coat fills the hole in my closet left by a long-gone ivory outerwear piece. I had a vintage, ivory, cashmere topcoat with exaggerated buttons. It had 3/4 length sleeves. It had an immaculately clean lining. The pockets didn't have holes like so many other vintage coats I've found. It was perfect... And... I lost it. I forgot it at a party. I left it behind by accident one Halloween. The party hostess was in the process of preparing to move, so somehow it got mixed up with her things. And... she proceeded to sell it to a consignment type store called Avalon Exchange (our local Buffalo Exchange/Beacon's Closet place). By the time I went to buy it back, it was already sold. Ever since, I've searched for the right replacement. And while the wool of this one isn't cashmere, it has its own charm. I am pleased with my one coat, and its three ways.


Brianna said...

I adore ivory and black together so I love this!! not at all clownish and it looks fabulous on you

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you, Brianna! I feel very conspicuous in it and am trying to be cognizant of my own typical clumsiness since it is a light color.

joelle van dyne said...

gosh i love this coat! now you're going to send me on a wild goose chase to find one too (why do i always become obsessed with HTF things??). it looks fantastic on you. i really like the white/black colorway. ~joelle

erin said...

i really love this coat, jess. any time you want to unload another coat though, let me know!

Becca said...

I really really love this!! It's so unique and looks great on you.

Allie said...

Late comment, but I love it!


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