October 12, 2009

Earth Shattering PSA: Polish your boots! (duh!)

I was gradually reorganizing my closets (and weeding things into keep, donate, and sell piles), when I came upon unopened Kiwi shoe polish I bought on clearance from Target last year.

I forgot that I bought it with the intention of polishing my black Steven Intyce boots (that fit my calves) before I put them away for the summer. When I pulled out the boots, they were dusty (even though I stored them in a dustbag) and showed significant signs of last year's wear. Pittsburgh weather is hard on shoes and I am especially hard on boots. My clumsiness resulted in more than a few scratches.

I put down some newspaper, wiped off dirt and dust with a babywipe, and started polishing away! Here's a photo with one tip done (on the bottom):

Although the single use polish was for a regular, non-boot pair of shoes, it was ample polish for two coats on the entire pair of boots.
The polish restored their shine and hopefully I will remember to do this regularly, to protect the leather and extend the life of my favorite relatively-affordable, leather, wider-calf circumference boots! It's such an easy fix, I can't believe I forgot to do it last year!


A said...

yay! I had the same problem with all my boots when I lived in chicago, they would totally get ruined. I can't believe I didn't think of polishing them...the salt is what mainly kills them. Thanks for the tip!

Becca said...

wow, that turned out awesome!

Dylana Suarez said...

Your boots look awesome now! Nice and new!

Lovely blog! I will def. be back!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Angela, I felt so silly after I saw how much of an improvement it made. Apparently, polishing shoes isn't just for older businessmen.

Becca, I was so surprised. I had kind of low expectations.

Dylana, Thanks for reading! I will check out your blog.

Brianna said...

I hear ya, I meant to polish my black boots before putting them away but forgot as well, I really need to do it this weekend


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