October 08, 2009

Window Dressing as I Wait for Fall Sales

Some dressing room pics, with quality, and fit reviews from my 36 hours in NYC:

I wish this Nanette Lepore "Florodora's" dress was available in a different colorway. The electric blue with black embroidery and beadwork is 80s bohemian goth and I feel too old to pull that off.

Tibi Ruffle coat. I LOVE THIS. Very nice wool that is substantial without being stiff. I really want it but it was new and not at all on sale so I passed. Plus, this is the 6 which was a bit snug if I wanted to layer underneath. The 10 was a tent. They didn't have an 8 at the Fifth Ave store.

Nanette Lepore "Cafe Paris" (Paisley) dress. This is super cute in person. I loved it so much that it will likely be the shower dress. Chris's mom was extremely generous in purchasing it for me. The pleats are forgiving and although it is sleeveless, I can easily layer a cardi over top or something with sleeves underneath if I feel too self conscious about my arms. I am wearing a 10, which offered slight additional length. They had no 8 for me to try. 6 would have been obscenely short and too small in the bust, especially.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffled Silk Kaleidescope dress in two colorways. The dress on the right is a 6 and the left is a 10. The 6 was too snug. The 10 was a little blousey up top. They had no 8s so I passed without remorse.

Marc by Marc Jacobs wool "Peacock Paisley" dress. This loose style is not very flattering to my figure but I love the print and the ease of the shape. I am wearing a medium and found it to be very forgiving. I didn't try on the small but I imagine that would have been fine too. The wool of this dress is very soft. I will hunt for this in the coming months, hoping for a sale!

This silk chiffon "Lynda" Diane von Furstenberg dress in "Passage to India" has a paisley print very similar to the Nanette Lepore dress, but the ruffles, fabric finish, and shape are quite different. I liked this but it was full price and I was already getting another paisley print dress. I am wearing a size 8. Apparently it should have had a belt but it was the only one there and I saw no belt in sight.

I ended up getting a souvenir trinket key necklace.

I also got to try on the Peretti Bone cuff in Ruthenium, which is so cool.

Someday it will make a nice self present to commemorate a future milestone yet to be determined.

Other than the necklace, I left New York with some lovely memories (including teaching Chris's mom how to use the subway!) and the gifted Nanette Lepore Paisley dress that I hope will make a cute shower outfit. I might try to track down a few more of the above pieces if prices becomes right after markdowns.


grechen said...

i love the first dress on you!! (you are not too old for that color) and i REALLY like the marc by mj dress - the darker one - i actually saw it recently at saks and thought i might like it to be the dress i get married in...(ultra small, casual wedding). from here, it looks great on you! but i see in the years i haven't purchased any marc by mj, the sizing is still really wonky...

Dream Sequins said...

The gifted paisley dress has an amazing shape and print. How generous of Chris's mom to purchase it for you!!

A said...

you tried on so many pretty dresses! they are definitely going to be on sale, everything seems to be on sale in this economy. can't wait for you to actually own one of these! Love your blog.

Brianna said...

what a sweet future MIL you have!!! I adore that ruffle coat, sooo pretty

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Gretchen, Thanks for the vote of confidence!! That would make a very pretty wedding dress option! The sizing is totally wonky as with all things mbmj. One style, I'm a 12. Another I'm a 4. WTF?!

Dream Sequins I feel very fortunate indeed! :)

Angela, I am definitely going to hold out for sales. I always do! Thanks for reading!!

Brianna, I really want the ruffle coat. I wonder if I will still like ruffles in a few years, though? I think I will but who knows.

Plumblossom said...

The florodora dress exists in hot pink too.
I love it in blue and was looking for it and stumbled on your blog.
And you are not too old for that dress.
And I won't find this dress in France unfortunately.


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