December 16, 2009

Last minute gift ideas!

I'm done with my holiday shopping but if I wasn't and I had a few people left on Santa's "nice" list, I'd consider a few of these options.

My mom has been thumbing silk scarves everywhere she goes, according to my sister. I would consider tracking down some discounted Missoni silk prints at Filene's Basement or Loehmanns.

I know pajamas can be regarded by some as a cop out gift, but if you find especially CUTE PJ's for cheap, they are sure to be well received! Personally, I love any reason to upgrade and update my daily eveningwear. Right now, Old Navy has discounted their holiday pajama bottoms to $7 a pair! And if you buy something small today, they'll give you $5 Old Navy Bucks to use between December 20-24th!

If you live near TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I've noticed a large volume of PJ Salvage Pajama sets. The prints are ADORABLE, the fabrics are extra soft, and the prices are significantly reduced from their normally hefty retail.

In my recent browsing, I've spotted both the above Cupcake Print (a Liz Lemon favorite shown on 30 Rock!) and the fantastic "Mod Dog" print marked down from $60-ish (which is NUTS for pjs, in my opinion) to $25.

In honor of Nine's recent plethora of Golden Globe nominations, you could consider gifting the Criterion dvd of the beautiful masterpiece metafilm, 8 1/2. Fellini's heavily stylized, possibly autobiographical work inspired the book that inspired the play that inspired the new newly nominated, and soon to be released film.

The eyewear alone is enough to provoke a lifetime of aesthetic inspiration for its recipient. But choose among giftees who already wear glasses, or else you'd risk enabling them to fall prey to the resurgence of the laughably lame "fake glasses" trend.

If you are stumped for fragrant ideas, Marc Jacobs' newest offering, Lola, comes in an exceptionally pretty bottle and smells, among other notes, like grapefruit!

Recently, Ulta mailed out one time use 20% off coupons that one can use on almost everything in the store/website which makes the price more reasonable. AND they will give you a free robe as a gift with any fragrance purchase over $35.

If you want to give a lighthearted but sure to be beloved gift, consider one of my favorite, and I would argue (despite the half hearted nod from Sex and the City: The Movie), highly underrated, holiday films! Minneli's MGM musical, Meet Me In St. Louis!

Dry eyes are hard to come by, the moment Garland starts crooning, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

For a slightly darker gift idea, for those in your life for whom madcap musical romps just wouldn't work, consider lightening the murky mood of Cormac McCarthy's The Road with a humorously themed survivalist gift basket containing batteries, flashlights, matches, canned goods, and a tarp.

It should bring a chuckle to even the most adamant of doomsday-predictors in your life!

Thoughtfully selected artwork from Etsy is another idea to ponder but act quick for this, since they'd need to ship to you in time!

I'd buy this Pittsburgh neighborhood map print from seller, "HotDogCity" for my local or no longer local Pittsburgh pals!

Finally, if you just hit the Saks Mystery Money lottery, and are stumped for what to buy your pal, Jesspgh, consider this Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacock Paisley dress!

Just kidding!! That gift is far too extravagant for me to request from anyone! But it will be mine. Even though it is selling out all over the place. Oh yes, it will be mine. And hopefully at 70% off, so that the price isn't obscene. :)

Happy Holidays!


elaina said...

Jess, where on Etsy did you find that print? It is actually the PERFECT gift for my brother, but I am reluctant to wade through Etsy sites all day. Hah.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Elaina! The Pittsburgh Map print is from Hot Dog City on Etsy.[]=tags&includes[]=title is the link. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Brianna said...

where did you find the Cormac Macarthy gift basket? I am giving DH 'The Road' for Christmas so I think he'd love a survival gift basket, he's into storing matches, flashlights, batteries, ect.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Oh it isn't a real thing, Brianna! It was just an idea I had for a funny themed gift. You could put the items into a bucket or a milk crate instead of a basket. The you could say that one would use the bucket or milk crate as a chair in a post-apocalyptic world. haha!

elaina said...

Thanks Jess! Ordered!

Anonymous said...

I am new to reading your blog (today to be exact) and I am happy I found it because.... thank you for posting about the PJs!! I was trying to find the cupcake pjs for my sister in-law and woud have dropped $60 for it (yes, insane I know) but ("luckily" for my wallet) they were sold out at both department stores. I'll try looking for them at TJMaxx or Marshalls. Thanks for the tip and now that I know they are being sold for $25 I am not going to pay full price!!! Funny how now I know this I will no longer pay the $60!

Brianna said...

lol, ok, I kept googling to try and find it! if I had a little more time (and no baby, errands are much harder now!) I'd do it, it's an awesome gift for him, maybe next year...

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Anonymous, I am glad the tip is helpful! I love PJ Salvage but can't justify the price unless I find a great deal. I've been to Marshalls and TJ Maxx's all over the Pittsburgh area and found offerings at each place (though the selection of prints and sizes varied, of course). Good luck and thank you for reading!

Brianna, You should include a Leatherman multi-tool pocket knife doodad when you assemble it! Handy survivalist men love those things. :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Elaina, I am so glad I helped you find a good gift! I hope the giftee loves it!


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