December 03, 2009

Swatch Body and Soul YAS100G

Although I did little more than window shopping while browsing the retail merchants of Chicago, I did manage to pick up something small while I was traveling. It just wasn't in Chicago. The Swatch Store at the Pittsburgh International Airport was having a promotion and I selected the Body and Soul skeleton watch that is automatic (so it will never need batteries which is pretty neat)!

I do wish the bezel didn't say anything. But otherwise I really love that you can see the parts of the watch as it works to keep time. It might technically be a men's watch but I liked the larger size and thought it would be unisex and genderless enough for me to wear regularly. Plus, if Chris wants to, he can borrow it!

The Pittsburgh Airport's Swatch store is, according to the salesperson, the only Swatch outpost in the state, so going to the airport which was already exciting enough, has become even more special!


erin said...

very cool watch, jess!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating watch, great find! :)


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