January 27, 2010

How I'd Spend Windfall Cash If ...

I recently came into a bit of money from some random focus group and research related stuff. So I figured since I am mostly not shopping that it would be fun to play "How I'd Spend This If..." Aka, hypothetical shopping. 

How I'd Spend Windfall Cash If: 

a. I could find this See by Chloe bow dress in my size (it is from a season since passed and keeps selling out on ideeli):

I love the color of this one. I would wear it to mass on Easter with my family. It is likely for the best since I tried it on in pink last summer at Cusp in Georgetown.

And in retrospect, it looked kind of dumpy on me as a non-model. So it is for the best that it is sold out. 

b. It would make a bigger dent in the very high price being asked for this amazing (wedding dress caliber) Chloe dress from many seasons ago.

I don't even want to think about how much it cost when it was new and full price. It is far too expensive even with the windfall money.

c. I could possibly justify yet another bag (when I already have too many).

It would be nice to have a purple bag and I love the balenciaga day style. But that would be totally superfluous and similar to the Chloe dress, too pricey.

Instead I am going to sink it into savings and maybe take Chris out to dinner to repay him for Kaya. 


Carole said...

Jess, I can certainly see why you'd want the See dress. Ah, mustard yellow -- such a lovely color -- except on me :( I too shudder over what was originally the cost on the Chloe -- IIRC, it didn't look all that great on the NM model.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Carole, I don't remember seeing the Chloe dress on NM but I do remember seeing it on the runway photos. That is good to know. I really don't think it would flatter me but I find it to be so stunning visually that I almost don't care. haha The see dress is so charming, though! I love it and wish I had seen it in person, in that colorway instead of pink.


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