February 03, 2010

Seeing Green

This time of year I should perhaps be wearing red, but instead I am gravitating toward muted hues of green, olive, and deep kelly. Perhaps I have Spring on the brain?

I wore this Diane von Furstenberg Nadine dress in large rose showers on Monday.
The photo on the left is this week. The photo on the right was a few years ago, the week I bought the dress on sale from Shopbop.

Although I've been pretty true to my resolution to buy less, I was already shopping the Mike and Chris sale at Revolve Clothing's invitation-only outlet website, Reverse Reverse, so I picked up this interesting silk dress with a bubble hem.
The large signature Mike and Chris buttons permit some customization in how it is worn. You can better see the details in the professional model shots.
I don't have anything similar in this color or style family. And I think I will be able to wear it to a variety of occasions.

What colors are you wearing to battle the winter blues? 


Anonymous said...

Both of those look great on you. I LOVE THE M&C dress.

Becca said...

Love Monday's outfit and that M&C dress is gorgeous!

Carole said...

I can understand why you're drawn to greens, Jess, they look fantastic with your coloring. I had no idea that reverse is now invitation only. That would explain why I haven't seen the link lately. :/

erin said...

i love the m&c dress, jess! and i still covet the nadine


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