March 30, 2010

Night and Day

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Cardigans by Elle
Pumps by Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am obsessed with the above Miu Miu dress. It reminds me vaguely of a sleeveless version of the Tibi Floating Feathers dress (I own... see below, left)

Which reminded me of the Hayden Harnett Hitchcock dress (I do not own... see above, right). But the Miu Miu one is astronomically priced so owning it is not going to happen. If I did have it, I would wear it for night and day. I think its sleevelessness makes it more versatile. Whereas in the above pictured Tibi number, the silhouette makes it hard to not feel buttoned up.


Tien said...

The Miu Miu dress is lovely! I love both the day and night look you created.

You've got a great eye for prints!

Unknown said...

I agree, you do have a great eye. I think all 3 dresses are lovely. I also think we share a preference for dresses; I'd like to wear them day/night too :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you both! I love dresses and it seems like I gravitate toward prints, mostly.

Carole said...

To me, Miu Miu is either hit or miss and this season, they are definitely a hit. Have you seen the high heel Mary Janes in the Swallow print? They're similar to Millie's (from the broad), but without the platform. I like Millie's shoes the best, but the Swallow print version is no slouch!! In regard to the dress, your Tibi is very close, except for the sleeve treatment. You wear it well!


elaina said...

Speaking of prints, it has become my new life goal to own this: Sigh. Now to drag Adam off to the Galleria.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Carole! I love Millie's floral print ones but have yet to see the swallow print. I will have to look for them. The heels appear to be way out of my height range, though. I am a heel wuss. :(

Elaina, I too LOVE that dress! It is so cute. I can't wait until we have an Anthropologie in the city. The Galleria is a hike.

Anonymous said...

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