April 27, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews: Anthropologie and Saks

First up are three Anthropologie items. The Aniseed Skirt was very cute on the rack but I was pretty sure it would be no good on me. Although it looks poofy, and adds girth to my bottom half, I kind of like the silliness of it. This is a size 8 and fit true to size. The skirt itself is very nicely made for the retail price. I plan to be practical and not buy this even after it goes on sale because it is not flattering.
The Abstract Greenery skirt is now sold out online but you can run an in store search for it. It went on sale last week. It was unlined and kind of unsubstantial but the print is nice and the green is a lovely saturated hue. The buttons are functional and made me worry about gappage while sitting or something. I passed.
The Lattice Cardigan in navy is so pretty.  This is a medium. I have seen it all over the blogosphere and although I don't know if it will last long enough, I might try to grab it once it hits the sale section.

Next up is Saks:
Everything I liked was full price or still too expensive to buy. I went for Friends and Family but ended up leaving empty handed. The extra 20% off didn't make a larger enough dent.
This cobalt blue rosette trimmed Tibi dress was beautiful in person. Still too pricey even though I found it on the sale rack... This is a large. It was a bit big on me but I sort of liked that because it made the dress a little more slouchy. You can buy it in black here.
This gray Marc by Marc Jacobs Willis Dress had nice, thick stretch cotton, a cinch buttoning belt, and pockets. The size medium was a bit bulky so I would say this style runs large. For sale in black here.
I loved this Trompe Loeil Ramsey cardigan from Marc by Marc Jacobs. All the buttons, pockets, and the peter pan collar were knitted faux details. It closed with snaps. The medium was sold out so this is the large. It runs true to size for MBMJ, which is to say, on the larger side of things. Very similar one here.

More fitting room reviews to come later today. That's all for now!


Tien said...

I really like the Tibi dress on you! Too bad it's still too pricy. And, um, that MbMj cardigan is so you! I hope it goes on sale very soon!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks Tien! I hope it goes on sale soon, too.

Brianna said...

I looove the MJ Willis dress, it looks great on you too!!! as does the tibi, very flattering

Anjali said...

You totally seek out and find the best MBMJ pieces!! I lovvve that cardi and the dress as well. Beautiful!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Brianna! I really love the tibi number.

Thank you goldenmeans! The cardi is so fun. I hope I can find it for a reasonable sale price.


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