April 20, 2010

More reviews and new Anthropologie markdowns; OOTD with Chris

I grabbed this Sketched Danios dress from a mishmoshed rack of garments that seemed to be nearly sold out. I do see that this particular item is backordered so if anyone is looking for a size 8, the Mt. Lebanon store has one. It is very cute in person and nicely made. It would be fun for brunches or baby/wedding showers. Because there was only one of them in my store, I am guessing it was perhaps a website return? Because of the shape it was snug in the hips as I expected so I would describe it as tts.
I also tried on the Silver Lining Dress.

I loved it on the rack. The silver threading was very subtle and pretty. This is a size medium. The dress is a bit longer than I would want but that can be fixed easily. It is too casual to be an occasion dress because the knit is sort of a thicker jersey style. But I think it can be dressed up a bit with a cardigan or jacket for work. Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie has a comprehensive list of new markdowns so be sure to check them out.

I went to the Carnegie Art Museum this weekend and was complimented extensively on the Two Paths Trench. Here is a photo I snapped in an installation.
Shown with Marc Jacobs Blake quilted handbag (similar here; cute budget option here)
Chloe crackled silver flats (similarly cute and only $10 here)

And as much as he hates public photos, I snapped one of Chris exiting the exhibit.
Chris is wearing:
Prada wool coat with unfinished seaming (similar here)
Burberry plaid shirt (similar here)
Earnest Sewn jeans (similar here)
Norman Childs eyeglasses


Sheena said...

I just looked at that silver lining dress at my local Anthropologie this weekend, but alas I could only look! I really like the Two Paths trench, however! Very cute!

Tien said...

You and Anjali make me want the Two Paths Trench even though it's not really my style! It just looks so great on you! I really like the Sketched Danios Dress, but being fairly hippy myself, I doubt it will look right on me.

And, Chris seems to love good clothes as much as you do! Steve doesn't really care for it, but he's got his own unique style. But when it comes to glasses, he has no problems buying ones that are made by the same family in a small French village since the 1800s. And don't even try to pry the several pairs of Mykita glasses from him!

DId I just go on a tangent? Oh well.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks, Sheena! I could definitely see you in the silver lining dress or something similar. It reminds me a little of your lovely easter outfit!

Tien, did you try on the trench? I bet it would be darling on you. Can't hurt to try it on, right? :)

Chris has one of the most well-appointed closets of any man I know from this late-twenties/early-30s age group. It definitely keeps me invested in looking as though we make sense, stylishly/aesthetically. Steve's loyalty to that French family is impressive. I'd love to see his spectacles!

Anonymous said...

you look great in the two paths trench! and i love the shiny flats with the black tights. oh, and chris is looking very nice and dapper in his OOTD :) ~joelle

erin said...

you two look great!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Joelle and Erin!


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