April 26, 2010

Springtime Organization and a Giveaway Reminder!

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Spring is about renewal and for me, it is also about sorting, weeding, and storing my stuff. It has become painfully clear to this particular coat addict that I can safely put away the heavier cold weather gear until fall. In order to execute this task smartly, I gathered up my garment storage bags.
I managed to build a starter collection of these thanks to my friend Jess, who gave me some of her spares a while back. But since then, whenever I've purchased coats, jackets, or dressier dresses from the fancier department stores, I've requested the items be placed in garment bags in lieu of disposable shopping bags. I have yet to be refused this request, even when purchasing items on sale. But another place to find these would be a dry cleaner or on ebay. I store about three coats per bag, depending on thickness. I pulled all the coats I wanted to store out of my closet and checked/emptied the pockets.
Then I buttoned them up neatly. I laid out a garment bag then placed each coat on top of it for lint rolling. I de-fuzzed and de-Specked them with lint rollers so they will be ready to wear next cold weather season. 
I decided to store them loosely by category. For example, full skirted coats went together. And some were stored by brand. Others were stored by color. It was sort of random. But it made sense to me at the time.
Lastly, I tuck three coats into each garment bag (as soon as they were defuzzed) and put them into lesser used storage space in my attic. One of the constraints of my older home is that the closets do not reflect modern volumes of consumption. It helps to stock my closet seasonally out of practicality.

Another fun organizational project was to get my costume jewelry in order. I found this jewelry stand at Marshall's.
They had many to choose from but I liked the tiny coat rack the most. This way I will be able to see my heavier rotation jewelry rather than have it tucked into boxes. Are you doing any spring cleaning/organizing to get ready for warm weather?


Persephone said...

I love seeing how other people organize things! I can never bring myself to store things for half the year - partially because it's antithetical to the way I dress ( I try not to buy seasonal pieces) but also because of some neuroses - I like the idea that all of my items are hanging in their "place" and are readily accessible at all times, regardless of the practicality of this notion. Perhaps when my collection expands more I might get into this habit.

Anyway. Hah. You have a really impressive collection of coats. I love outerwear but I have terrible luck with coats (as opposed to jackets - my weakness).

xx Persephone

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I *wish* I could keep things all together, in one place. But the closet situation is not conducive to it. It is a happy problem though...

You may not find coats that strike your fancy but that jacket collection of yours is enviable, for sure.


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