April 19, 2010

Two Wheeler Shirtdress Review and OOTD

So many bloggers have already reviewed this dress. Golden Means, Love at First Shop, and Effortless Anthropologie, to name a few. I am late to the party because my Anthropologie is just far enough out of the way from where I live that once I get there I usually become overwhelmed and forgetful. Anyway, the consensus on the website seems to be that this dress runs large everywhere except for the arm holes. I totally agree. They were out of my usual size 8 so I grabbed the 10 without thinking. It was tight in the arm holes and big everywhere else.
I then had the sales associate grab the 6.
And I would have also tried the 4 but the arm holes were cutting off my circulation! I love this dress but I cannot buy something that I can only wear with the little sleeve keyholes unbuttoned. Maybe if it hits the sale... maybe if I decide to become an exercise addict and eventually whittle my way into Madonna arm territory. But as it stands, the Two-Wheeler dress from Anthropologie and I are just not meant to be.

I did meet the future manager of the Bakery Square Anthropologie. She said they are slated to open in late June and things seem to be on schedule. They might have a soft opening to which they will invite a few avid local customers! I doubt I am avid enough to be in that loop, but a gal can hope!

I wore:
Plaid flannel dress with pleated bodice from Urban Outfitters in New Orleans (similar here)
Cashmere ruffle cardigan by Twig (similar here)
Anthropologie Two Paths Trench (seen hanging behind me. This jacket yielded 5 compliments in the store from strangers who didn't realize where it was from)
Black reversible tight end tights by Spanx
Crackled silver flats by Chloe (similar here)
Shoe detail shot above. A few more reviews tomorrow.


Tien said...

I love the silver flats! I had he same problems with the Two Wheeler. I could barely get it off! I am not paying full price for something that cuts of circulation. There will be other cute dresses.

elaina said...

The Two Wheeler looks SO CUTE on you, but I understand your sleeve button sentiments. I went to the Galleria a few weeks ago and they didn't have it yet, so I mourned, but reading everybody's reviews of it makes me think my dreams of owning it are hopeless, because I have secretly huge arms and an otherwise small body. Life.

Heather said...

I bought the two wheeler, sleeves be damned. I wear them open and I don't think even if you had Madonna arms it would work b/c it seems even tiny arms don't fit (so I imagine muscular arms wouldn't either!).

I did however love that it fit my bust b/c I have a hard time with that. I was happy to take my regular size there for a change!

LOVE the Chloe flats!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien and Heather, I am glad to hear I was not alone in thinking the arm holes on this dress were freakishly disproportioned! Thank you both for the compliment on the flats!

Heather, I really love the print and the shape and if it makes it to sale somehow, I will try to snatch it up and unbutton those sleeves, too!

Elaina, if a tiny size of this dress doesn't fit teeny you in the arms then I will eat my hat. They have them now at Mt. Lebanon. They are hanging on the wall to the left of when you walk in. If I am heading out there in the next week or so (which will depend on what they put on sale this week) I will let you know! We can make a date of it.

Ashley said...

I love your flats! And ohmygosh, please promise me you'll never try to get Madonna arms - her arms terrify me!!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

haha I don't even think my body is capable of lithe arm-ifying itself without serious, unhealthy, or surgical interventions so that is not a concern. :) Thanks for the compliment!

elaina said...

Yes yes yes! Do let me know!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I will, Elaina! Not this weekend but inevitably some time soon.

Thanks t!


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