May 17, 2010

Curled Zinnias and Cocktails OOTD

Leifsdottir's Curled Zinnia or Anthropologie's Cathedral Garden dress (similar here and here).
Hue tights
Anthropologie crystal initial necklace
Dollhouse double strap mary jane pumps (similar here and here)
This weekend I ended up in Kelly's Bar in East Liberty to meet friends. One was visiting from San Fransisco and the evening weather was just nice enough for us to feel victorious when we scored two fairly coveted patio tables that we pushed together to fit everyone. I was a little chilly so I wore my Old Navy leather hoodie over top. I carried my vintage Coach satchel.

I have written before about how frequently I will repeat outfits but I guess I don't often post photos of that outfit so soon after a recent entry. I figured since I resolved to take tripod pictures rather than fuzzy mirror ones, then this would be akin to an unblogged outfit. I also sometimes worry about how blogs can contribute to an unhealthy quest for more, new, better, for the sake of fresh content.

So in defiance of that, I am going to post unapologetic repeats of things since that is how I life and how I get major mileage out of my clothes. I wear and rewear them. I sometimes try to make sure the crowd I will see is relatively new, but not always. If I find something I like that works and is easy, it cuts my "getting dressed" time down to practically nothing. And changing up small details, like the accessories, or the top layer, or even the glasses I pair with it helps me feel as though the outfit is fresh and new.

By the way, my first outfit of this week corresponds nicely with the kickoff of Have a Cute Day's Floral Week!
Despite the rain in Pittsburgh, there will be May Flowers with many lovely bloggers participating!


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

I love that dress! The detailing at the neck is TDF!

You left out one detail though - I want to know about the cocktails you had! :)

Anonymous said...

That is a really beatiful dress! I like the flowers, but I also like the shape on you. I don't think you should apologise for wearing the same outfit more than once - hey, we ALL do it, surely!

And I agree with Kate - want to know more about the cocktails you had! :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Kate and Little Miss Plump!

I actually drank these microbrew beers in a can called "Old Chub." We call them Pirate Juice for some reason... but yeah I didn't have cocktails until the morning when I had mimosas at brunch. Cocktails was used more for alliterative reasons.

Though I am supposed to go to a happy hour today (we'll see since it is rainy and miserable in Pittsburgh) that should involve proper cocktails and I would like to order something with elderflower liquor, if available. Thank you both for reading!

Rad said...

I also love the colors of this dress. Very 1970s woodpaneled lounge (in the best way possible.) Leather hoodie sounds awesome. Maybe including some shots of your outerwear as a way to mix it up?
I also understand the need for new. Living in the most thrift store obsessed borough in NY doesn't help.

Brianna said...

beautiful dress! the colors are so cheerful

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Rad in Brooklyn, I actually took these at the end of the night and was exhausted so although I meant to take photos with the jacket, I was lazy and didn't. But yeah I think repeats with outerwear would be a solid solution. Thanks for the compliment!

Brianna, thank you for the kind words!

Dorky Medievalist said...

OMG I have such dress envy! You have some totally fabulous dresses (oh, Anthropologie and Target, when are you coming to Canada? When?). I love the colours in this dress.

I thought I'd post here about ideas for department/committee meeting wear because I am often stumped about what to wear when I'm not teaching but still being professorial (I think I blather on about this in a post called "Follow the Leader" on our blog). The department I work in is very casual--one of my colleagues wears jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops year-round, no matter the occassion but most fall somewhere in between dressy and casual. Most of the women are more dressy than the men. Some female faculty members wear jeans to meetings (though not to teach in), but not ripped or faded, maybe with a blazer or a smart cardi (I posted earlier this month about my office blazer, which lives in my office and works pretty nicely over jeans and a clean shirt). I decided I would take the my cue from the Chair of the department, who often wears khakis and a shirt, sometimes with a neat sweatshirt over top, but never jeans. It may also depend on the department/discipline. Maybe media studies and communication is a bit more relaxed about dress? I'm sure you can read the signs, though as an un-tenured prof, I don't yet feel comfortable wearing jeans to these things.

Hope your meeting goes well! Good luck with finishing up the end of term quickly.

Raquelita said...

Hey, I'm all about the re-mixery, especially when it's an item as gorgeous as this dress is!

Thanks for your comment about my poll! I'd be honored if you did a semester's greatest hits inspired post, too!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Dorky Medievalist, thank you for the kind words and the advice! This committee is multi-disciplinary so I will probably err on the conservative side of things. Because I haven't begun my faculty position yet I have no feel for the decorum of clothing within and outside my department, beyond what I encountered during interviews (which I imagine are moments when people are more conservative and formal).

LHDM, Thanks for the dress compliment and the blessing to do a semester's greatest hits! I will absolutely link back to you as my inspiration (beyond the blogroll, where you were added already). :)

SunnyDay said...

I am such a repeater. Sometimes it is exactly the same outfit, sometimes I switch out accessories and shoes. I've been known to repeat the same piece in one week. I feel the same way, it cuts down my time to get dressed. Plus if I feel really good in something, I like to feel that way often.

I love the zinnia dress on you. The colors are great and I particularly like the neckline.

Tien said...

I just love it that everyone is working on Floral Week together! You look great, and the tripod is working out so well. I love all the different shots, and those colors are so stunning on you. And repeat away; I'll never get sick of this dress.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Desert Flower, I am glad to read you are a repeated also. If something proves to be a successful look, it's easier sometimes just to throw it back on. Thanks for the compliment!

Tien, the great thing about Floral week is how inclusive it is since I am sure almost every lady has something floral in the depths of their closet. Thank you for the kind compliments! I am feeling a little more comfortable smiling at a tripod, with practice.

Kjrsten said...

Wow! Such a fantastic dress! I adore the print so vibrant!

thanks for joining in the fun!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you so much Kjrsten! I love Floral Week and Have a Cute Day is a great blog!


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