May 21, 2010

Gabriel Brothers Haul

Although I didn't manage to find any Anthropologie duds for cheap, this time around (and I suspect that is due to the litany of ebay price gougers I see with SWPA locations of origin), I did find a few cute things for very cheap!
These studded bangle bracelets were $1.99 each and were overstock from the Gap (I think). I bought one in each available color: burgundy, purple, and black.

Underneath is a stack of clearanced Jack Spade notepads that I will either use or gift away. I love Gabriel Brothers!

No OOTD for now... I was cleaning and writing all day and am about to go to a baseball game so my attire isn't floral or post-worthy.


SunnyDay said...

I don't know what Gabriel Brothers is, but it sounds good based on the bargains you got. The bangles will go with a lot in your wardrobe.

Ashley said...

Cute bracelets - and what an awesome price! Love them!


Anjali said...

Those studded bracelets are amazing! I am envious of your find :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Desert Flower, Gabriel Brothers (or gabes as it is known here) is an overstock/closeout/defect store, basically. Occasionally you can find great things for very little money.

Thank you for the compliments, Ashley and goldenmeans!


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