May 27, 2010

OOTDinner: MBMJ Liza dress from 2007

I've had this Marc by Marc Jacobs Liza dress since fall 2007. I wore it last night to dinner with friends. The restaurant a/c was on so I had my denim jacket over top. I have considered taking it to the tailor to get the poof taken out of the sleeves because I love the print but the poofy sleeves combine with my bustline with less than positive results. I also have this dress in a red/maroon/fuchsia colorway so I would have the tailor fix the sleeves on both. What do you think? Here it is in 2007 the first time I wore it. I wish it was less sweltering here, or I would have styled it similarly again.
MBMJ bag, shoes, and dress. Hue tights.


Dorky Medievalist said...

The colours in this dress are beautiful and it looks great on you. Do you mean the little poof at the hem of the sleeve? I don't see it at war with your bustline but I think if the sleeves bother you, getting them tailored will not take away from the awesomeness that is this dress and you will probably feel better. I am also not a fan of short sleeves that have a poof around my arm on me, so I hear you on wanting them de-poofed. That is the technical term, I believe.

SunnyDay said...

I am LOL at the technical term "de-poofed"!

I really like the print on this. Really rich colors. I love it with the tights.

Anonymous said...

I feel that my comments are the same on all your posts! Because you have so many amazing dresses, and they all look great on you! I love the colours in this one in particular. Where do you get all those lovely dresses from?? I'm so jealous :)

*major dress envy*

Jessica Miranda said...

agree with the dress + outfit envy. that is beautiful!

ps: i love the green walls!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Dorky Medievalist, my favorite aspects of this dress are the color palette and painterly print. De-poofing will help the dress seem less "dated" and I am glad to learn the jargon. I will use it when discussing this matter with my tailor! :)

Desert Flower, I wish it was cool enough to wear tights right now.

Little Miss Plump, Thank you for the compliment. I have too many dresses and some look better than others but I am so into this print and the colors comprising it that I don't care about much else. This one came from during a sale that I could combine with a coupon and an incentive gift card. The pink/red one came from saks' after xmas sale that year.

Jessica, thank you for the kind compliment!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to try and find same/similar dresses on ebay (I'm in UK and we don't have Bloomingdales or Saks). I've also been looking on the (we have an UK site), but it's still quite expensive...Thanks for the inspiration!! :)


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