June 02, 2010

Forever 21 Finds complete this Nautical Memorial Day Outfit

This Memorial Day weekend I did a lot of running around. I saw tons of family and friends. I played with lots of dogs. I went swimming. I splashed around in Mingo Creek and hiked the park's beautiful grounds.
Two of the many dogs with whom I hung this weekend (Charlie, the puggle and Speck). 

And I went shopping with my friend Elaina. We hit up Ross Park Mall and went into their overwhelming, massive Forever 21. Although I had imposed a moratorium on shopping fast fashion from them, I caved because I needed tops. And for some reason, although I am comfortable shelling out funds for dresses and skirts, I have an irrational inability to spend any significant funds on shirts. While there I grabbed four tops and the above tote bag.
Striped shirt from Forever 21 (similar here, here, and here)
Button skirt by A.P.C. (similar by A.P.C. here, and here; others here, and here)
Trompe L'oeil tote bag with quilted Chanel-style bag printed on it from Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats in blood red
I also need shorts since I have decided to be rational and wear shorts this year. Skirts are not conducive to hanging out in creeks and what not. 
I found some cute ones at Old Navy. I've been wearing men's shorts and cut offs when the occasion has required running around clothes. But it is time to buy some proper shorts. 

BTW, Anthrosdottir is hosting a giveaway! Check it out for sure. 


Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

You look crisp and cool, and it's lovely you were able to style up the Ferragamo Varino flats so quickly. Also, Lawd! I love a Puggle!

Sharon said...

you look lovely! another idea for the APC skirt yay!

joelle van dyne said...

i love the outfit! what great finds at f21. i especially like the tote bag. ~joelle

Cat said...

I'm really digging this whole look, and I love the f21 bag!! It ties the outfit together perfectly. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway and leaving your suggestions. They're so very helpful and so very appreciated :)

SunnyDay said...

I have that F21 striped top. I was looking for a black/white striped boat neck a while back you may recall and after striking out everywhere found that one. I was amazed at how well made it was. Looks like the day was fun. Who is Speck's buddy?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

A-dubs, puggles are the best. I love their big lunky heads.

Sharon, it felt so predictable and yet so awesome to go with an unapologetically francophile look of strips with the frenchie french APC skirt.

Joelle, thanks for the compliment! I need another tote bag like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't pass up this one.

Cat, Thank you for hosting that great giveaway! I am sure you will have no trouble maintaining your wonderful sense of style in a professional context.

Desert Flower, I think mine is actually navy and white but I am sure it comes in both options. I do remember your search and was thrilled to find one myself! It is very nice quality for a F21 price. Speck's buddy is also sort of her uncle in doghuman family tree hierarchy. He is the dogchild of my parents.

Carole said...

Great outfit, Jess. And how darling is that trompe l'oeil bag?!


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