June 08, 2010

Plaid, Studs, and Polka Dots for the Dramatic Part of My Day

Since Chris has been working til 5 three days a week, it is easy to predict when he his commute will bring him home to Bloomfield.  Lately I try to time a walk with Speck to coincide with greeting him at the bus stop (though often, he arrives early and waits for us on a bench). Speck LOVES this ritual and gets very excited when the time of day and lack of one pack member dawn on her. She starts galloping forward, goading me to move faster with her enthusiasm.

L.A. Made plaid dress from Anthropologie (Similar here, here, and here; Similar plus here and here)
Hue Tights
Guiseppe Zanotti captoe studded flats (similar here, here, and here)
Kate Spade Larabee Dot bag
Forever 21 Studded Belt (similar here and here; similar plus here)
 (Speck in the background, anticipating walk time)
Once we approach the corner and she spots him, her gallop turns into a RUN and her tail wags furiously. It is pretty adorable. And it results in both of us running toward Chris which probably looks pretty silly. It is a small moment in our day-to-day but I can't help but consider it to feel very romantic. The buildup and the increase of the pace make it difficult to not relish in its rather cinematic composition. Although I am not necessarily averse to public affection, it is rare to find an occasion that necessitates running toward my loved ones, and planting big hello kisses on them. Somehow in the process of this practice, I can't help myself.
I do worry that when Chris is in South America for his field research not long from now, every  time I walk Speck, she will believe we are off to retrieve Chris. He said she would occasionally search longingly for me when they'd walk while I was researching in DC last year.


Brianna said...

that is a sweet tradition, it made me smile =) cute outfit, the green bag adds a great pop of color

triciathomas said...

I am in LOVE with your bag!! What a great pop of color!!!

Marianne said...

Aw, cute outfit but even cuter story.

chris said...

A+ post

Dorky Medievalist said...

Way to pattern-mix the dots and the plaid! This is a great outfit. And the story of the dramatic dog-walking is adorable.

When I spent a year in London for research my mum looked after my cat and the vet put him on anti-depressants while I was away.

WendyB said...

I love it when dogs lurk in fashion photos.

Cat said...

Another outfit I adore. Btw...I was just perusing your archives. I am enamored with your collection of dresses and your style!

Eli said...

it melts my heart how excited pets are when they see their parents!

Carole said...

awww, I love this story and I love dogs. They are the best people. Speck is such a cutie. I really like the mixed metals on your belt and shoes (one of my favorite things to do). You look wonderful, Jess. :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Brianna, Tricia, Marianne, Chris, and Anon Hanna, Thank you so much!

Dorky Medievalist, that is so sweet that your cat missed you so much. Thank you for the compliment!

WendyB, me too!! I try to lure her so that there are more, but she is wily.

Cat, thank you so much. I am especially flattered by your kindness because I so very much admire your style and how you mix anthro pieces from over the years!

Eli, me too! It is perhaps one of the greatest of the small moments in my day to come home to a wagging tail.

Carole, I agree. They are such special creatures. Thank you!


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