June 10, 2010

Wedding Event Dressing: The Best Laid Plans

I know (and confessed as much) that I will remember too vividly whichever outfits I choose to sport for the various wedding-related events I must attend, up to and including the wedding itself on October 9th. And I thought I had determined what to wear for each major component. Circumstantially, I have already experienced what I consider to be four wedding-related "events" that had me in clothing from Anthropologie 75% of the time.
Although I didn't know it was going to happen, I wore this orange velvet "Orchard Walk" jumper by James Coviello (from Anthropologie in 2007) during the snowy walk through Friendship Park, when Chris proposed on December 5th, 2008.
Afterwards, for our engagement dinner at Legume Bistro I wore an ivory and gold threaded bow dress by BCBG.
For wedding dress shopping, I wanted to wear something that was pretty but comfortable. So I picked the "Bold Boutonnière" dress by Burlapp (Anthropologie fall 2009) for multiple trips to various boutiques.
And I decided to wear the "Hudson and Houston" dress by Tibi (Anthropologie 2008) for our engagement photos in the park where he proposed.

There are three major events remaining: the shower, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. For the events to come, I have a few contenders in mind. But who knows what I will end up picking. I usually like to consider things like weather, setting, mood, and temperature. But having a plan in place is always a good idea.
I will likely wear this Nanette Lepore Paris Cafe Sheath dress from fall 2009 to the shower. But I need to do a sitting test first, because if it is warm I won't want to wear tights.
Since our wedding date was picked to be during the height of fall's changing leaves, I envisioned wearing this printed Chloé dress (from spring 2007 but with a fall palette). But I haven't decided since it isn't necessarily "flattering." It seems worthy of being an event dress, but it isn't really that traditional for rehearsal dinner attire.

For the wedding, I am wearing a dress by Stephen Yearick and come October, I promise to share photos of it! That won't change at the last minute, in part because it would be impractical.  But the other plans could go out the window if I find some things I decide are more fitting for how I picture the occasions.

How do you pick an outfit in which to make memories? And does the fact that you will likely be photographed more than you can anticipate change how you choose?


Ady Grafovna said...

I have never been at an occassion where I know I will be photographed and had to choose accordingly, but I always remember what I happened to be wearing on certain occassions. If something truly terrible happens in an outfit, I cease weearing it. Clothes carry such emotional attachments for me, that I feel like I am reliving a bad moment if I wear something that I wore when something devastating happened. (ie. death in the family and the like... not just a random bad day.)
But it is the saame for clothes with good memories. When something special happened in a particular outfit, I feel the joy all over again when I put the clothes back on.

Sharon said...

Jess you know I wholeheartedly support the NL Paisley dress and the Chloe--they both have such unique, distinctive patterns and you'll treasure them your wardrobe for years to come, especially with the memories attached to them. I can't wait to see more pictures of your wedding dress!

Rad said...

Love all these dresses. Especially the Chloe and the Hudson and Houston dress. You have really impeccable tastes.
For my wedding, I wore a vintage dress with an empire style waist, but my major concern was not my dress but my quite bad posture! Most of my photos, I'm aware, but there are some unfortunate schlumpy ones. Augh!

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