June 14, 2010

Weekend outfit: Anthropologie Color-drenched dress

Quick outfit post... Wore this to a bizarre 80s night in a Mexican restaurant. Hey at least there were tacos! And to the Brillobox afterwards, where I ran into many friends.

Color Drenched dress from Anthropologie fall 2009 (similar here and here)
Linea Pelle belt from Anthropologie (similar here)
Ralph Lauren cardigan (similar here)
Bitten by SJP tote bag from Steve and Barry (similar here)
Vintage wedge scandals from a yard sale (similar here)
The only night I got to dress nicely was Friday. The rest of the weekend was spent swapping old appliances for new, trying to prevent the food in the old fridge from melting after removing it too early, retouching the wood floors, painting, participating in another flea market, and celebrating Chris's sister's bday. I am glad the weekend is over so I can get back to regular work!


Tien said...

Love the dress on you, Jess. The striped bag really brings it into summer. Great pairing!

gee said...

i love that dress on you. dots and ruffles, 2 of my favorite things!! <3

Ady Grafovna said...

What a bright springy outfit!

Dea said...

You're such a cutie in this outfit!!

Ashley said...

I love your dress, and how you belted it! And the Bitten SJP bag - that takes me back! All of the Steve & Barry's in my city went out of business - did they go out of business everywhere? I was never sure about that. But I did love the Bitten SJP collection they had! :)


SunnyDay said...

The belted cardigan is fabulous. One of my new favorite looks. The colorful dress is so pretty, and I love the mix of patterns by adding the striped bag.


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