July 15, 2010

See by Chloe Trail Print Dress: My Saga and A Review

Sometimes my efforts to hunt for a specific piece occur too soon. The worry that something has sold out takes over. Rationality about there being "other dresses" or any notions of shopping destiny succumb and you end up paying a little bit more for fear you will never see the piece again. The above is one such example. I tracked down this See by Chloe Trail Print dress (just in as of today at The Outnet) last summer with the help of an Intermix sales associate in Georgetown.
I first tried on this dress at Saks in Pittsburgh. Since this store doesn't carry See by Chloé, I knew it was a random website return. I loved it but couldn't stomach full price.

Then I saw it at Intermix when I moved back to DC in May. They only had small sizes and it was still too expensive (one first cut sale) when I first visited. By the end of my trip I decided to stop in one last time and found it was marked down once more. Because they only had small sizes they had to search the company stores. They shipped it to me in Pittsburgh and it was there the day after I returned. It was still a little more than I like to spend on a dress. But I've worn it a bunch since, and the cost-per-wear is now low. Still, if I had waited a little longer (like a year) I could have had it with little effort thanks to Outnet or Yoox.

That was one of my only customer service interactions with Intermix and although I desired a sale item, they were very helpful and kind. For some reason this was surprising. Perhaps because what I knew of Intermix was limited. The website, the Vegas store (where my shopping partner and I weren't treated so well), and their ubiquitous presence on the Real Housewives of Orange County made me nervous about asking to for the service of tracking down a sale piece. That just wasn't so in Georgetown. They were great!
I really like this dress for it subtle details so I don't have buyer's remorse. The piping around the collar evokes Peter Pan without actually disrupting the silhouette. The print has plenty of color without feeling bright and conspicuous. The sheer sleeves can be rolled easily for summer wear. The lining is a cut more narrow than the exterior which can be a problem, depending on what fabric comprises one's undergarments. If you are thinking about tracking it down on ebay, Yoox, or Outnet, I would say this dress runs small for See by Chloé. I am wearing an 8 and a 6 would have definitely been too small in the bust and hips. Be warned that its solid color counterpart (on sale at Yoox) is unlined and cut more amply.

Have you ever allowed your impatience and irrationality to inform a hasty purchase?  Has the nagging feeling that something could sell out influenced a decision to buy at a price a little above what you typically spend?


Amblus said...

Oh, that is a beautiful dress! I think it was worth snapping up when you could. I'm always worried that the things I really love will sell out before it goes on sale. Always.

triciathomas said...

I love that dress the print is beautiful!! I frequently make irrational decisions about clothing and have buyers remorse! Sometimes I take it back... sometimes I am glad I made the decision!

A Stylized Hysteria said...

It's a beautiful dress and worth the (sale) price. I think I'm very rational when it comes to shopping and prices-if anything, I wait too long and miss out. My real problem is impulse purchases!

SunnyDay said...

My shopping philosophy has changed of late. If I love it, I buy it. If it's something I will only consider once it's on sale, that tells me I don't love it and I can do without it. Sometimes I happen upon something I love that is already on sale, the perfect shopping situation! But I don't regret my full priced purchases. I often get so much wear out of them before they go on sale, the price per wear is low.

Anonymous said...

"Has the nagging feeling that something could sell out influenced a decision to buy at a price a little above what you typically spend?"

Um, yes, see anything by Anthro. I'm almost never a full-price shopper (seriously, until I discovered Anthro, the last time I bought something full-price was 15 months ago), but in the last few months, I've been buying at least one or two items a month at full price from Anthro, in large part because I'm worried that they'll sell out (like the Spanish Steps Cardi) though also because I haven't figured out how to snag popbacks.

BTW, I just wanted to say that I like the way you pulled back your hair in the first set of photos! It looks flattering and polished to me -- am trying to figure out how to copy it. :-)

Sharon said...

That dress is amazing in fit, style and color and I think it's worth it if you'll wear it a lot! I have a ton of stuff in my closet that I bought on sale but have never been touched twice. So my philosophy now is to go by "cost per wear"! :o)

thatdamngreendress said...

ugh...I can't even admit to myself how much the Snow-covered fields dress from Anthropologie cost me! Especially since 2 months later I randomly came across someone selling it for $40...but it is lovely!

Cat said...

I absolutely identify with your efforts to locate this dress. I go through these crazy thought patterns when I'm truly lusting after an item. At this point, I've adopted an avoidance model to this problem. I'm just not browsing online or in stores any more... well, for the time being :) This dress is fantastic and very worth the effort!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Amblus, I jumped the gun on this one for sure. But I am glad I have it.

Tricia, thank you!

A Stylized Hysteria, That is good to be rational most of the time!! I need to learn from you.

Desert Flower, The price per wear theory is something I try to remind myself of when an item I own becomes available for less due to a sale or outlet stock.

Anon, Thank you so much! I just back-teased a little with a fine tooth comb and used some bobby pins to hold the piecey layers in place. I really want that twisty bobby pin thing I've seen ads for online to make messy buns. I'm just learning how to harness the power of the anthro wishlist for pop-back good instead of indulgent enabling.

Sharon, thank you!! I am trying to eliminate the power of sale goggles. It is so hard though.

Sarah, oh my that is the worst feeling. It has happened to me so many times too, particularly on ebay.

Cat, that is really smart! I need to block a few usual suspects from my browser. haha


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