August 25, 2010

My Back to School Indulgence at Larrimor's in downtown Pittsburgh

I've always looked forward to the fall season and not just because of the wonderful clothes. My nostalgia for this time of year stems from my childhood. As the daughter of a schoolteacher, I'd help my mom set up her class room. We'd decorate and assemble welcome kits for her new students. I'd pretend to be the teacher and imagine what it would be like to have my own big desk in the front of the room. Every year when she tells me she is about to embark on this tradition, a part of me wants to drop whatever I am doing and meet her at school. Sadly, this summer was particularly too busy to do such a thing.

The excitement of shopping in anticipation of a new school year is also counted among my fondest memories of summer. It might seem silly or simple but the ritual of stocking up on pens and pencils, being indulged with a brand new big box of Crayons, tucked into a fresh bookbag, picking out the first day of school outfit, and the entire process of preparing for what is to come was always so satisfying to my childhood self. Sure I would lament the end of summer like any other kid, but the newness of everything (teacher, grade, locker, bus rider friends, lunch table mates, etc.) and my curiosity about who would be in homeroom were almost too much to bear by mid-August, anyway.

In a way things haven't changed. I still consider the end of summer to be a bit bitter but mostly sweet. I am thrilled by the transitions that await me. And I still rationalize a few indulgences in my current "back to school" anticipatory ritual. This year's was a bargain found at a very lovely Pittsburgh store.

This Burberry jacket was from the 70% off sale rack at the beautiful and well appointed Larrimor's in downtown Pittsburgh. I stopped by the new space for the first time the other week and was so impressed by the level of service and attention I received even though it was kind of obvious I was only there to scope the sale.

The salesperson was attentive without being intrusive. She informed me of the sales in men's and women's, let me know it would be going on until the stock was gone, and gave me her card. I was pretty excited when I spotted the Burberry jacket hanging in the sale section among a bunch of gorgeous but at the moment for my lifestyle, too-fancy dresses. I was also impressed by the stock. For some reason, I always had an impression that the Pittsburgh shopping institution catered to an older crowd and wouldn't have things to my taste. That wasn't the case at all and a number of the fall arrivals caught my eye. Sadly my budget couldn't justify anything full price. But the experience made me confident that I should return. And it made me already recommend the store to a number of friends.


Amblus said...

Nice! What a great find.

Pamela said...

What a wonderful classic jacket! And for 70% off!?!?!? Awesome!

Tippy said...

Wow, that an amazing find! I'm so glad you had a good experience at the store. I am sometimes hesitant to shop at places I don't frequent due to the lack of customer service but it always puts a smile on my face when we're treated properly :)

Heidi said...

Ha.... I remember Larrimor's from when my dad used to buy suits from there back in the 70's. You brought back lots of memories!

Cute coat - didn't know they had much of a women's section!

Sheena said...

That jacket is such a wonderful treat and a great steal! I also love this season for back to school, especially for new supplies, clothing and a new beginning overall.

Tien said...

Great score! I can see it working so well with your wardrobe. And it looks like it fits you to a T.

Anonymous said...

That trench is incredibly gorgeous!! And for 70% off? What a deal. I may be a bit jealous.

Anonymous said...

I found your post through Larrimor's Facebook page. I was glad to read your post about your experience with Larrimor's. I have grown up with Larrimor's since my dad has worked for them for over 40yrs. I know it is a higher end store in which I could never afford (known this since I was a little girl). To find a great coat at a great discount is great. I just writing to thank you for mentioning Larrimor's but also the great clearance find.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you guys for your comments and compliments! I am so pleased with this purchase and with my store experience.

Heidi, their women's section in the new store is expansive! Definitely worth visiting! Thank you for reading.

Anon, it must be wonderful to have an institution like Larrimor's be a part of your family's history. The discount was a surprise for me too, as I always associated it with a class of pittsburghers to which I could only aspire. But an occasional indulgence and perusal of the sale section seem feasible as I get older and establish my own professional trajectory. Thanks so much for reading and I am grateful that you found my little blog. :)


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