September 15, 2010

Bird Skirt OOTD and Obscured Floral review

I made a quick trip to Anthropologie to see if the Dagmar Shirtdress or the Sugar and Cream dresses were pieces I wanted to own now that they were on sale. I ended up leaving empty handed but snapped a quick outfit photo. I wore a bird skirt that I purchased at the local indie craft extravaganza, the Hand Made Arcade a few years back.

You can see the bird a bit better here. The skirt itself was made from a recycled pair of brown dress pants from Old Navy! I paired it with a cropped ruffle cardigan from the Gap, an Old Navy tank top, some Hue tights and  Delman's Wonder striped suede flats.

I tried on Dagmar in a size 8, like I had wanted but it was a little large. The 6 was still a little small. Goldilocks fit conundrum strikes again! I also grabbed the Obscured Floral Dress by Deletta.

This is a medium. I wished I had grabbed the small. The fabric is stretchy and has give. The pockets are nice. The v is cut a little deep and has ample room for an ample bosom. The hips are roomy. The waist isn't tight. I'd say this runs large. I was able to get it off and on without realizing I hadn't unzipped the side zipper. I love this print and it can be easily winterized. But I passed anyway.


Cynthia said...

I get a secret pleasure out of walking into Anthropologie wearing something that is cooler than anything Anthropologie sells. Bonus points if I can get the sales associates to coo over the item or another customer to ask "where did you get that?"

Which is all to say, your handmade skirt is very cool!

Anonymous said...

crap i love that dress! i haven't seen it in the store.

erin said...

that dress is great! i should check out the anthro sale soon.

gee said...

that is exactly why i didn't get the dagmar shirtdress. ugh..the sizing makes me mad.

Anjali said...

That skirt is so fabulous! I was almost sad (and at first definitely shocked!) to read that it was sold by an independent crafter and not Anthro itself...I want one for my very own :) And oh, those Delman flats rule too.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Cynthia, haha you are too sweet! Thanks for that. I always thought this skirt was very special. And it does have an anthro-esque quirk to it.

Motionandheart, it is still in all my nearby stores. lmk if you want me to put it on hold for you or anything. They ship for free when something is sold out from the website. I love the colors and print!

Erin, you should! They had a bunch yesterday in Mt. Lebanon.

Gee, the sizing was really confusing. Pretty print but I don't need another dress.

Goldenmeans, thanks so much! haha it does look anthro-life for sure. Probably why I liked it so much. The flats are COMFY but run big, if you are looking for them. :)


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