September 21, 2010

My Delicates Haul from the Anthropologie Sale!

I was enamored of so many pretty sets this summer but with the wedding coming up, I tried to restrain myself. Even though a number of my favorites ended up selling out online, I managed to score a few in store for great deals! The Empire State set was available in my size and others at the Pittsburgh Bakery Square store. I was thrilled to find it for a discount!

And the Poppy Seed set received second cuts last week! I got both the stripes and the flowers because the sets became so reasonable after mark downs. I wonder why these items remained so plentiful in my local stores, even though they were clearly coveted on the website? At any rate, I was excited about these pretty finds.


Tien said...

I bought the top to the Empire Set, and I love it! It's great as a cami under blouses, too.

I've been meaning to say that I've enjoyed very much reading about your wedding posts. It really makes me feel like I get to know you better, and the kind of couple you and Chris are. You too are just so perfect together.

Cat said...

I've always loved that set. What an awesome sale score. I sat out this sale round, though a few of the home items are calling my name.

triciathomas said...

Great sale score!! I pretty much sat this one out not too much to tempt me!

Rad said...

There are so beautiful. I would consider (but probably chicken out on) wearing them under blazers with jeans.

joelle van dyne said...

these are gorgeous! i really love that 1st set. i always wish i had pretty lingerie/lounge wear, but am always too cheap to buy them. ~joelle

Amblus said...

The Empire Set! Wahh! I'm sad to miss out on that one but glad you bought it.


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