October 21, 2010

Fall themed Chloé OOTN

I bought this many seasons old Chloé dress on ebay a while back, anticipating that I'd wear it for the rehearsal dinner. A fall wedding deserved a fall themed dress as I saw it. But I ended up finding something a little more glam (which you can see here). So this dress hung in my closet, neglected. Although I packed for DC in a rush, I managed to remember to grab this one. And I ended up wearing it on our fancy honeymoon (part 1) date to Jaleo.  I paired it with some tights and jeweled flats by Miu Miu.


gee said...

oh my goodness.
i LOVE this dress. LOVE it.
the cut, the colors, and the length with long sleeves!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop taunting me with your BEAUTIFUL hair! Really. It's stunning. Brynne

Pamela said...

What a pretty seasonal dress! Cute story behind it too.

Call Me Ishmael

triciathomas said...

Darling fall print!! I am glad that dress finally made it's appearance!!!

erin said...

i love this dress SO much. if you ever tire of it, let me know :P


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