October 05, 2010

In which she picked up her wedding gown

I went this afternoon to Anne Gregory for the Bride to pick up my altered-to-fit-me dress. It is beautiful, if I do say so myself! Since we are in crunch time, I find myself thinking most irrationally. The other day I lamented the fading of my summer tan so much that I briefly contemplated booking an appointment for a fake tan. That is kind of hilarious because it is So. Not. Me. Anyway, I am plugging away at things for work and things for wedding. And was glad to have the dress in my possession. Chris is off buying an obscene amount of booze. Above, I wore a Nanette Lepore Paris Cafe Sheath dress with the Two Paths Trenchcoat, Hue tights, and ChloƩ flats. It is cold enough that I had to layer a sweater underneath my jacket. I sat this guy reclined but in my front seat. It sort of looked like one of those HOV lane dummies people use to drive alone on commuter highways.

The sale today at Anthropologie is huge! Check out the full list of markdowns on Effortless Anthropologie for info. I want to apologize for being so inconsistent about replying to comments here. Between now and this time next week I will probably only have a few posts scheduled because I will largely be away from the computer.

I promise to catch up on everything this time next week so thank you for reading in the meanwhile! I also promise to post a wedding dress teaser on the day of, around ceremony start time. It will probably just be a fitting appointment photo since I obviously won't have any (except for crude iphone mirror pics) others yet.


Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

That Nanette Lepore dress is gorgeous - I hope we get to know it much much more in future!

Good luck with work and wedding and all in between. You're kind of my hero for managing all of these things in this crazy work-season.

Anjali said...

Yay for getting your dress! I remember how absolutely gorgeous you look in it :) Hope everything goes smoothly from hereon out!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the dress!! When I picked it up, thats what made things really really real for me :) I can't wait to see some pictures post wedding!

Dorky Medievalist said...

Hope you have a lovely wedding! And, of course, a long and happy life together with your fella.

Brianna said...

love the dress, it's a beautiful pattern. I can't believe this is your wedding week, I am looking forward to seeing the pics of everything!


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