February 03, 2011

Professional Pink OOTD?

Lauren Moffatt "Daisy Quarters) skirt
Rosette sweater from J.Crew factory
Spanx tights
Nine West pumps
Wax stamp initial necklace

In defiance of the impenetrable gray of SWPA I decided to eschew the notion that professional means staid, neutral, wallflower-appropriate attire and wear something sunny to another big meeting. I was feeling glum this week about some professional hurdles and struggles I've faced lately. And I figured that if happy prints are my typical a-game then maybe I should stop suppressing my desire to wear them in an effort to conform. I think/hope that I can still be taken seriously while wearing an unabashed volume of flowers on my person. Between the rosette sweater and the daisy quarters, I realized that to some I might look like a cupcake (or more literally, a fabric floral meadow). But if I carry myself professionally otherwise, can I transcend cupcakedom?

In other news, I have switched my comment system to disqus after feeling frustrated by the boring basic options on blogger. I have a brain that craves organization and order. And that blogger doesn't even allow you to reply to individual comments has frustrated me for far too long. I hope the switch isn't too frustrating or disruptive for my readers, though. It is a trial for now to determine which comment system I will ultimately select.

I did realize that not all commenters have disqus accounts so I hope that those of you who do not have a disqus account but have blogs will consider linking/posting your blog address somewhere in the content of your comments. I know I often find blogs by reading commenter contributions on other sites so I can only presume people might do that here too. Thank you for bearing with the change!


Louise said...

Lol if you do look like a cupcake you are a very pretty one. This is such a happy ensemble Jess, I think I've seen you in this skirt before and I think I probably told you how much I love it then :)

roxyturtle said...

I love this look! Too much fun. :) Professional does not equal boring...it just means put together.

Marina said...

You look great, and your outfit is completely appropriate for a meeting. After 15 years of teaching, I still occasionally struggle with whether an outfit is professional enough for meetings (or sometimes even the classroom). On the bright side, tenure really helps ;-)

Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

I love your skirt it's so pretty and I think you need to be true to yourself and people will respect you for that!


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