March 10, 2011

Anthropologie Review: Amhara Skirt

I saw stacks of the Amhara Skirt on a table at my local Anthropologie. I was drawn to it because of the contrasting prints. The vibrant colors and linen finish make it perfect for a summer vacation. It is light and easy to pack. The length is good. The fit was true to size. I grabbed an 8 but the elastic panel on the back means a range of sizes could work depending on the length you want. It also sort of means the back poofs a bit. The skirt is fully lined. It retails for $60-something which is affordable for full-price Anthropologie but perhaps a little inflated for what you get. If I grab this I am still going to wait for a sale. I wouldn't be able to wear it here til like May anyway. May as well hold off.

1 comment:

alana@truthandshoes said...

It looks great on you. That skirt draws me in, too, but it feels a little cheapy to me, waiting for sale.


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