May 01, 2011

Anthro Birthday Haul

April flew by. And I've been so busy wrapping up the semester at work that I almost forgot to use my birthday discount coupon! Yesterday, I planned to buy a full price floral print dress, the Chartreuse Shoots. But the fit was weird (review to come) so instead I found myself in the sale section uncertain about what to do. I could have just not bought anything. And I almost went home empty handed. But I grabbed two pieces that I like in theory. I am not sure that they work for my wardrobe in practice. So I am going to sit on them with the tags attached while I give myself time to decide. First up was this dress:

I love how Sarah and GeoinCalifornia look in this Contemporarian Dress. But I am hesitant because of the bareness of the back. If I want to wear it in warmer months then there will be an immediate bra issue.

I also got this Tea and Roses sweater. I thought maybe it could be an interesting piece to have. It's unlike anything I own. But I don't know if I can actually figure out how to integrate it into my wardrobe.

I am not sure if I'll keep either piece. I need to try styling them with things I own to see if they're worth holding onto. But I am glad I was able to use my coupon.


the dea diaries said...

Nice pics, I'd love the see the dress on you!!

the dea diaries said...

**to see

Jasmine said...

oooh, lovely things.

One question, though:

How does the sweater fit you? The reviews on the site lament it's more like a shrug, falling just under the bustline, than a cardigan.


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