May 17, 2011

Anthropologie Tag Sale Report: Pittsburgh Area Stores

Today was the launch of the much-hyped Anthropologie semi-annual Tag Sale! Although some are let down, I was already in the burbs to pick up my newly-fixed vehicle so I decided to make a few detours. First I stopped at the Galleria to visit the Mt. Lebanon store where I found a lot of racks outside of the entrance, marked by price. The sale room was also stocked and open as usual. One rack outside of it contained more dresses and skirts priced individually. A discount jewelry table was to the right of the sale room with many things marked down to $9.95.

To give you an idea of the stock as of noon time, there were the markdowns from today but also quite a few second and third cuts. Specifically, the skirts you see above were marked $19.95. Sizes small and large were available in the printed skirts. Size 12 in gray and black were available in the corduroy skirt on the right.

The cropped pants in the photo were all marked $9.95. The pleated gray ones on the left were available in a range of sizes. The middle cotton ones were available in S,M, and L. And the ones on the right were available in size 14.

Also spotted: plenty of sale belts, a lot of first cut skirts and dresses, and some home items.

The Pittsburgh store (Bakery Square) was not quite on my way home from Whole Foods but I stopped anyway. This store was more crowded with shoppers and had far fewer second and third cut items. It is possible such items were already bought (since I made this visit later in the day). They had a large selection of first cuts, especially tops, sweaters, and pants. They had more intimates and a lot of home and bedding stuff when compared with Mt. Lebo. The racks were concentrated in the center of the store with the usual sale room curtained off for employees only.

I picked up a necklace I've wanted for a while for $9.95 for myself and I found the Easy Keeper skirt by Tracy Reese (also marked $9.95!) for my friend Elaina. 

For a full list of sale items and information about second/third cuts be sure to check out Roxy's post on Effortless Anthropologie!


carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

Wow - some great deals!  That makes me feel a bit better about today's sale, because I was completely disappointed by it this morning.  What a great score getting the Easy Keeper for $10!  Lucky friend :)  

thatdamngreendress said...

Yeah, I think this is going to turn into a sale that's more about moving in-store stock than online sale specials...there will probably be a lot of awesome finds like this for some lucky folks in the next few weeks!

That being said, I managed to score some nice pieces- I picked up the pezza dress and some accessories- (and scored a pop-back on the nicely-priced ardennes skirt over the weekend)

erin said...

i'm going to have to stop at anthro at the galleria sometime this week! i haven't been there in forever.


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