May 06, 2011

Confetti Sweater

Sorry about the delay in posting. I had a number of things going on this week. Car troubles. End of term wrap ups.  Tabulating final grades. It seems like the cold spell has mostly passed but it meant I wore a lot of pants or tights as I ran around.

Above you see the sweater version of the J. Crew Confetti piece. The fit on this was way more baggy than the dress. But I liked it less even if the dress was a bit short. I returned both but am sure they will make some J. Crew shopper happy as they are adorable! Much like the sweater, the merino knit is very soft. The sequins are sewn carefully. And the garment makes a little bit of rustling noise when you move. The sleeves were a bit longer, when in combo with the sequins made me feel a little more Atlantic City in it than makes sense for my life.


Thirteenlbs said...

Wow, I LOVE this sweater. I saw it on Kimmie, another fashion blogger, and immediately wished I'd checked out the sale. I personally like it on you, but totally understand the notion of things being a wee bit too "something" for our daily lives.

Becca said...

I like both pieces, but I agree with you that the dress is probably my favorite of the two. I debated long and hard on whether or not to order this when it went on sale, but I'm on a ban and only giving myself a very small allowance. I think it's adorable, but I just could't figure out where I'd wear it aside from drinks/cocktails, which I don't normally do that much. If I do get drinks it's usually happy hour with coworkers and it's casual places.


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