May 10, 2011

On-the-go OOTD

Limited (via Gabes) chambray dress skirt
 Lands End Canvas cords (worn cuffed to make them Spring-appropriate)
Burberry Brit jacket from Larrimor's
Tory Burch LeeLee flats (tri-color Patent Revas)
Kate Spade Journal Bon Shopper

I wore this to run some suburban errands the other day/night. I needed to get Mother's Day stuff (cards, odds and ends, etc.) so I went to Wild Card. I had a few things to grab in preparation for a friend's upcoming surprise birthday party. I also needed to buy replacement cushions for a new (albeit vintage) piece of living room furniture purchased by Chris. He bought a Arne Wahl Iversen chair from a dealer so we had the covers dry cleaned. But the cushions were 50+ years old and full of cat dander (to which Chris is allergic). They had to go! The chair looks like this:

(disregard the Speck toys and the old, oversized, soon-to-be-replaced couch)

We're in the market for a new sofa which I would love some guidance on tomorrow.


carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

Your jacket is amazing! You look fabulous, Jess :)

Laura Martin said...

Isn't the chair what they call Dutch Modern? Your hair looks gorgeous today Jess. Did you do something different?

Did you track down a Tippi Dress. I wore mine for the first time today. Will post it tomorrow. You were asking Anjali about sizing. I found it to be TTS..

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you, Laura! I didn't do anything to my hair except not wash it. haha

I think that chair is Danish Modern but I am not entirely sure if it would count as that or not.

I didn't track one down. I called today and they said the system can't locate any in size 6 or 8. I am going to call back on Monday when the inventory is updated again. :( I want one so badly! Can't wait to see it on you!

tasty moog said...

my BIL recently got the jane loft bi-sectional by gus. very nice, but a bit pricey.

Laura Martin said...

A reader contacted me. she has a size 8 in her hands she is returning because
she liked the fit of the six. I will try and contact her again to see if she
can put the dress on hold for you when she returns it.
From my Yahoo Mail - Laura



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