July 12, 2011

Dinner Outfit

Anthro dress and top
Michael Kors bag
Misc bracelets

I wore a plain black cotton dress (see me wearing it last year, here) to day one of the faculty retreat today. I am glad I went with that and not the dressier Babergh so thank you all for the feedback! The other night I wore this to dinner with some friends. To be honest I removed the layer pretty quickly because even into the evening, it was just too hot!

I am exhausted so that's all for now. Thanks for reading!


the dea diaries said...

Super-cute. I needed the reminder about this dress because I haven't worn it in months. I like how you layered it, even if it was too hot to keep on!

JewishGirl said...

This outfit is absolutely lovely!!  I agree, though---it's hard to wear any extra layers in this crazy humidity.

carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

How cute!  The dress and blouse go so nicely together :)

S said...

love the studding on your bag. You inspired me to buy a MbyMJ dress today!  Grechen was with me and I said to her--doesn't this look just like something Jess would wear? :)


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