July 27, 2011

Vintage Grand Prix

Speaking of math being hard, Elaina and I referred to this as the Barbie car.

Every year Chris tries to convince me to attend the Vintage Grand Prix with him in Schenley Park. And every year it is held on a sweltering weekend in July during which I cannot muster enthusiasm for anything other than the Polish Hill Pool (and maybe some popsicles). Not to be some "math is hard" lady stereotype but I don't know anything about cars and I don't really plan to change that in the near future. So I have managed to avoid Pittsburgh's Vintage Grand Prix for the entire duration of my relationship and my life before it.

This year that changed because my friend Elaina invited me to go. Her parents show their MG with the British cars in the show. Chris was so excited to finally attend this event with me AND to hang out with people who actually show a car in the event. The MG happens to be his favorite classic car but in general, he just likes anything that involves nerding out with a dad. It seems that dads everywhere adore Chris because of his nerdy enthusiasm for a broad array of dad-friendly subjects.

Even though it was hot, I actually had fun at the Vintage Grand Prix. Elaina's mom was kind enough to pack a picnic full of snacks that she set up underneath a big tree. And Elaina's dad was happy to walk around with Chris, discussing car things. I might even agree to go again next summer when Chris inevitably asks if I want to.


respect_the_shoes said...

I've dragged the BF to my fair share of food and renaissance fests so that if he ever wants to go to some fest, I have no excuses. But good thing he never asks because I'd be in the same "that's a nice car ..." boat. Sounds like good company made it a darn good event though!

Grechen said...

i love stuff like that!! i'm a sucker for vintage sportscars...
you look so cute, and not hot at all :)

carol_prettythings said...

Oh, looks so fun! I love the aesthetic of those old British cars. Just fantastic! I don't know anything about cars, but I love looking at classic cars - the Barrett Jackson auctions are always fun to watch on tv, I find. =D

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Haha yeah I tried to be a good sport. It would take so much less convincing if it wasn't held in the stifling heat of July.

Adriana said...

I've spent several years in Pittsburgh, but never attended this event....and I LOVE vintage cars. Having gone for this first time this year, do you recommend it?


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