September 04, 2011

End of summer wedding

The other week Chris and I attended the wedding of two friends. We bonded with Katie and Rob years ago over our love for local sports teams (specifically the Buccos and Pitt Panthers). And we've been hanging around each other since. They had a really beautiful soirée in a rustic barn space they secured in North Park. The content of their ceremony was so moving, as it emphasized the significance of their dedication and commitment to one another even before they became engaged. The officiant talked about how for them, marriage would not change things drastically. At least not in their day to day.

This was something with which I really identified. In so many ways* being married didn't/doesn't feel that different. While they were exchanging their vows (both of which included references to their beloved Pittsburgh Pirates) Chris squeezed my hand while tears of joy for the happy couple streamed down my face. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara! We had a great time on an exceptionally beautiful summer evening. And we wish Katie and Rob a lifetime of happiness!

I wore the purple Bold Boutonnière. And while I was there, I ran into Tara who was also sporting an  Anthro dress. If you squint a little you can almost see it through the horrific blur. Photography is not a strong suit of me or my partner.

Tara runs an etsy shop called Daffodil Vintage. Be sure to check it out!

I hope your last weekend of Summer is fantastic!

*A caveat to clarify that this statement does not intend to minimize the value of the tax policies and laws (not to mention potential rights to spousal benefits) afforded only to heterosexual married couples at the federal level and within the state of PA. Those benefits do produce beneficial change for couples and they're nothing to sneeze at. I look forward to the day when marriage equality is a reality in this nation.


Daffodil Vintage said...

It was great to see you at the wedding!  And +1 on the marriage equality statement. :)

Raquelita said...

You looked lovely and it sounds like a beautiful wedding.

I feel much the same as you that marriage did not change things on a day to day kind of basis for M. and me. But I often feel really angry that we are afforded the rights and privileges associated with marriage when other couples are not in this country.  Since I identify as queer, this is an issue that I spend a lot of time thinking about.

angela stich said...

I love your dress!  And the barn lights!


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