October 12, 2011

Use it or Lose it!

Better late than never, I am excited to finally post my selections for this round of Jewish Girl's Use it or Lose it Challenge! It is my first time participating and this round focuses on shoes and cardigans. Because I recently did some weeding, I don't have a lot of unused pieces in either category. But I did temporarily rescue three pairs of flats from my blog sale. Temporary reprieves have been granted and if I don't figure out how to wear them, they're back on the chopping block! I also grabbed four cardigans. I'm a little worried that three of my cardigans are too summery to give them a fair shot. But I might reevaluate once the challenge is over, one month from now. 

Here are my "at risk" sweaters:

top row: Drapey striped cardi from Free People
Embellished ivory cardigan by Morgan (bought on vacation so it has sentimental value)
bottom row: cropped bow cardigan from anthro in mint green
boxy mustard see by chloe cardigan

Here are the shoes:
 top row: Juicy Couture red perforated leather flats
mbmj "love marc" bow shoes
bottom row: BCBG embellished rain jellies
Delman Wonder suede striped flats

Les Prairies Des Paris striped flats from Anthro are getting one more chance! Thank you to Jewish Girl for inventing such a fun challenge! I can't wait to see how everyone does.


Spollasky said...

Hi! Just wondering when you bought the boxy mustard cardigan. I have been searching the internet for that cardigan. If you decide to lose it, what size is it?

thatdamngreendress said...

That mint bow cardigan is adorable, as well as the striped flats.  Think the mint could work with the utilitarian green of the d'armee?!

Fshnonmymind said...

This sounds like an interesting challenge. Good luck with the closet reevaluation. If nothing else, you'll have room in your closet for something you love or a realize that you can utilize something more often.
I think I used to own those blue Les Prairies Des Paris flats!

Thirteen Pounds said...

Oh, those stripey blue flats are gorgeous. 


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