October 21, 2011

Wild about animal bracelets

When I was a teen, my mom and I would regularly take advantage of the rich antique and flea markets in Washington County and the greater Southwestern PA area. We would shop tables of estate sale wares whenever we got the chance. And until last week one of my favorite costume jewelry finds from this period was in my regular accessory rotation. It was a silver-toned animal bracelet in the shape of a leopard with black onyx spots. The bracelet closure cleverly doubled as the leopard swallowing its own tail. When I got a little older and came into contact with Kenneth Jay Lane pieces, I would smile because I had my own similar (and much much cheaper) costume piece. Sadly, last week the clasp on my beloved bracelet broke. I don't foresee any way to fix it. So I have been nostalgically (and obsessively) googling animal-themed bracelets to locate a proper replacement. I am in love with all of the above but the prices vary pretty widely. While it is possible that Kenneth Jay Lane is worth the relative splurge, I will probably end up with something a little more budget friendly (like one of the KJL for QVC pieces, which are fun too).


Ways2BWicked said...

Aren't they the coolest? I really like the leopard, snake, and charm bracelets you have pictured. I'm into cats and elephants. They are so much fun! Good luck on finding a replacement!

Cynthia said...

I totally love that black enameled elephant, but dang.  That's a lot of money.

thatdamngreendress said...

oh, that's so sad about your leopard!  keep it on display as a reminder, I hope!

I like the giraffe bangle, and the zebra too (perhaps because in my head I always mix the two up...)  Those glowy green eyes are adorable, and I love that from the top it just looks like spots.

Laura Martin said...

I adore Kenneth J Lane.  Especially the rings.  Are you absolutely certain the bracelet can't be fixed?  Before you give up, take it to a reputable jeweler.  Have you searched eBay for a possible replacement?  the Giraffe Bracelet is a keeper.

snowymt 55 said...

I hope you find a suitable replacement soon!  I love animal bracelets--my fave is this fox one: http://ifgrandmaworejcrew.blogspot.com/2011/08/steven-alan-fairchild-dress.html


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